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Mental Health Billing

Mental Health Billing

24/7 Medical Billing Services helps healthcare providers retain their peace of mind by efficiently tackling the insurance billing and revenue cycle management (RCM) process. Personal attention is of prime essence in mental health specialty services, and that demands the providers’ time for patients.

Challenges in Mental Health Billing

  • Documenting coordination with fellow psychiatrists for patient health details
  • Assigning codes for services like prescribing medicines on telephone
  • The process implemented to diagnose the patient’s ailment
  • Meticulous documentation with 24/7 access for care coordination
  • Ability to track the receivables in proper timeframe

How we do Things Differently

We are a dedicated billing vendor and thus have complete supportive infrastructure with the latest software, trained staff, dedicated specialty coders, knowledgeable account receivables (AR) callers for quicker redressal of rejected claims.

  • 1.Classification of Services with E/M codes

We specialize in generating clean claims by assigning accurate codes and billing error-free claims with 99% accuracy. Our experienced medical coders and billers use evaluation and management (E/M) CPT codes to indicate the level of intensity of a disorder.

  • 2.Personalized services with Ownership

We believe in providing personalized billing services catering to your medical practice’s special needs. 24/7 MBS assigns a dedicated team and a reporting manager to you who will be available 24/7 for communication.

  • 3.Competitive Rates with Proven Expertise

Our clients vouch for the transparency in our dealings. We value you because you value humans and thus, we ensure you get paid for every single service in minimum possible time. To ensure this we recruit only experienced, certified coders and after personally evaluating each of them.

  • 4.Specialty Experts for Multi-specialty Practices

By choosing us as your preferred mental health billing partners you get an enthusiastic and competitive team of coders, billers, AR conversion team who are acquainted with and understand the terminologies. This makes their individual processes at least 30% faster.

  • 5.Drastic Reduction in Costs and Time

Simply handover the meticulous task of mental health billing to us and get the crucial opportunity to increase your patient base with personal attention. This will also help in building your reputation on the basis of physician quality reporting system (PQRS).

  • 6.Advantage of Billing Analysts

Inputs from market researchers are one of the keys to detect the bottlenecks or loopholes in a billing cycle. Their expert insights and study of billing trends help you enhance revenue from appropriate sources. For example, some services are more likely to get paid from private insurers instead of the federal government.

So, give us a chance to get you the maximum of what you deserve while sizably reducing your expenses and liabilities. If a staff member goes on leave, it’s our responsibility to assign immediate backup. Transfer your billing worries today and just pay attention to your work – life balance. Get in touch with us for further queries or details!

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