When you choose 24/7 Medical Billing Services, you choose a team that holds a decade long experience in medical billing and revenue cycle management (RCM) services. The process of medical billing is stated as the process of communication between the medical provider and the insurance company.

We firmly believe in updating ourselves in technology and with trends. We have certified multi-specialty expertise in  services. We have a satisfied clientele who have been with us for long and have recommended us to their associates. Trust us with handling your billing for our knowledge, experience, skills, and last but not the least, friendly professionalism.

We are Proud to share what our clients vouch for, about us:

  • One-stop solution for RCM – All your billing needs are tackled under one roof.
  • Multi-specialty expertise – End your worries of going helter-skelter looking for different vendors for different specialties. We serve over 20 specialties.
  • Customized services –We understand there is no fixed solution to various problems. So, we go an extra mile to analyze, detect and remove the loopholes.
  • Innovative solutions – Our analysts invest a major chunk of time in detecting and busting billing and reimbursement trends to come up with unique solutions that work for you.
  • Reliability for timeliness –Time is of essence when it comes to reimbursements and to ensure that we have rigid deadlines and make ourselves available round the clock.
  • Data security – Restricted access to staff, stringent professional standards and multi-layer security levels ensures confidentiality and security of sensitive data.
  • Transparent procedures & charges – We understand value your trust, as it is the founding factor for enjoying a long term association. Rest assured of no hidden charges or unpleasant surprises.
  • Total assistance in transition – Handing over your billing services to us? Sit back and relax as we extend complete assistance for the transition.
  • Meticulousness – Well coordinated teams look into details to ensure accurate and timely internal communication to get you paid.
  • Guaranteed client satisfaction – Our happiness lies with your satisfaction, that is why we leave no stone unturned to fulfil our promises.
Reduce around 50%* Operations Cost & increase around 10 – 20% Revenue!

Our Services

  • Medical Billing

Patient Appointment

We help in maintaining a smooth patient influx and operating the clinic in an efficient manner. Reduce patient waiting time by fixing appointments in an organized manner.Read more…

Medical Eligibility Verification :

We assist you to know the exact amount a patient owes in the form of Copays / Coinsurance / Deductibles. This also helps reveal the patient’s payment history.
Read more…

Traditional & Latest Coding :

Our certified coders (CPC, COC, CIC, CPC-P, CPM, CPMA, CPCO, CPC-H, etc.) take care of specific Specialties and ICD-10 coding. They assist in documenting with appropriate CPT and ICD codes and Modifiers.Read more…

Demographics / Entry:

The specialist billing experts take care of the demographics & charge entry. They let the medical practice track when and where the claims go and also make them aware of whether they are filed within 24 – 48 hours.Read more…

Quality Review

The Quality team monitors every process of the RCM cycle. Quality reports and the analytics are shared internally with the team every day and with the client too during the Client Review meeting.Read more…

Electronic Claims Submission / Rejections Resolutions

We maintain a 99% clean claim standard. The trends and analysis are shared with the Coding and Claims entry teams along with the client as per the client’s convenience / during the Review meeting.Read more…

Payment Posting

The Payments received through ERA / EOB are posted on the system within 24 – 48 hours and the reports are reconciled on a daily basis. Denials are captured & moved to the Denial Analysis team.Read more…

Denial Analysis & Resolutions

Claim Denials are analyzed carefully and the root cause is defined for each problem. It is then escalated to the concerned teams to make sure the Denials are fixed & also ensure they don’t recur in future.Denial analysis is shared with the client once a week.Read more…

Accounts Receivable follow-up

24/7 MBS runs behind every dollar on the table. We have collected millions of untapped dollars when we took over new projects. We check with the insurance companies for outstanding claims over 30 days through AR calling. The trend and details of the Report are shared with the practice once in a week or a month.Read more…

AAPC / AHIMA Certified Auditors

Our team consists of American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) & American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) certified auditors with over ten years of experience.We help you detect the loopholes and once we analyze and pinpoint the weak links in the process, we also provide probable solutions to rectify it.This process saves you from losing any revenue for the performed services & ensures compliance with the rules too.Read more…

Analyse Documents the e-Way

We analyse the documentation sent by providers via electronic medium and check for inaccuracies, reasons for denials, reasons for delay in payments, time taken per claim to get reimbursed, etc. We also look for a pattern or trend in the billing cycle and the revenue generated.Read more…

Assistance with Appeals

Studies show that many medical practices refrain from appealing denied claims due to hassles involved in the procedure, and many a times due to manpower shortage. With 24/7 MBS you can bank on our expertise to get some returns from the denied claims, if not in full.Read more…

Our Experience Speaks

24/7 MBS has been reviewing and auditing medical practices of various specialties for over ten years and has aided over 10,000 medical practices across the US to simplify and streamline their revenue.

Stay abreast with the latest mandates of the healthcare regulatory authorities & successfully deal with the transition to the latest coding standards of ICD-10. Your revenue generation largely depends on coding. Coding is an extension to immaculate billing documentation process. It is more than just knowing the appropriate code & the updates. It is about accuracy & ensuring the deserved remuneration from the insurance companies.

It can be difficult to alter an already set process of medical billing in an in-house billing department. One of the reasons may be the lack of conducting an audit to weigh the different aspects in the process. It is thus necessary to have audits & come up with practical solutions to the issues a practice faces or simply to recover more revenue from the insurance companies & patients alike. 24/7 Medical Billing Services offers auditing & consultation services to individual practitioners, medical practices like hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers (ASC), laboratories, etc. regarding their medical billing to detect bottlenecks, streamline the process & help fill the gaps.

Provider Enrollment / Insurance Credentialing

24/7 MBS provides ongoing Credentialing services to all doctors, hospitals & group practices (including new ones). We check the contract & verify their credentials from time to time. This process ensures a good rapport & helps to deal with payment delays from the Payers in an effective way.Read more…

Encourage Smooth Cash Inflow

Credentialing is also like a partnership / affiliation or willingness to participate in providing care in association with specific insurance providers. This makes the Payers have confidence on you & also favor you above those who aren’t registered with them. Your patients too are more likely to come to you given the reimbursement benefits the credentialing brings along.Read more…

Requirements of Credentialing

Your in-house staff may not get time to meticulously update & follow up with the insurers given the shortage of time / manpower. There’s where we take over from you & ensure end to end assistance to complete the process.Read more…

Advantages of Consulting 24/7 MBS:

Wondering why you need expert services? Well, our experts possess vast experience of over 10 years & are well trained in detecting billing trends. They would take less than half the time for getting things back on track for you. Why not take advantage of experience & consult our Analysts with the following?



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Olympus Medical Billing Corporation is working with 24/7 Medical Billing Company for the last 6 months. The team is very efficient. We had about 20 client transition during the period. We had multi-specialty practice transition. The transition was very smooth and there is no revenue block with the client. They have a dedicated manager for each account. The account manager is always available to answer the client questions. Read Continue


They are specialized in almost all the specialty and they are hands-on with most of the billing software. We had transition from GE Centercity, Allscripts, Autumn 8, Office ally etc. They were ready take on the transition. ICD 10 Certified coders add strength to the existing healthcare situation.


The biggest advantage is the transition period is between 5-15 days. I recommend 24/7 for any Medical Billing services. They are cost effective and efficient.



Latest Blog

Medical Coding

How a Medical Coder from Recognized Billing Company Reduce Your Time in Account Receivable

July 22, 2016
Physician’s practices have noted that the manual processes supporting paper-based remission systems are fragmented, inefficient, and fallible. A tending organization’s monetary performance indicators, as well as days of revenue in assets and money collected as a proportion of internet revenue, are improved as a result. Think about income and claim rejection solutions. Having a 3rd party medical billing company to assist guarantee accuracy and potency is a perfect solution. It will increase the cash flow and help your practice have a proper revenue cycle management. Why to Hire A Medical Coder. Benchmarking AR objectives isn’t as troublesome as several medical practice professionals suppose, if you approach the task with the correct tools and vision. Each dealing throughout the day will increase or decreases the space to the fanciful finishing line, that atomic number your businessperson establishes as a suitable outstanding balance.AR analysts play a significant role in reworking the denied claims in to payments. Analyzing the underneath lying problems can facilitate the AR analysts in dominant for the AR days in sure cases whereas there are many reasons for the delay/denial in payment of the claims. Reasons for Claim Denials Claim denial occurring as a result ofpatient’s non-eligibility of the insurance Delays as a result ofjudgment problems Pending for request of clarification or documents Denials as a result oferrors in cryptography, charge entry etc., Delay in payment as a result ofshort funds with government power-assisted insurance carriers Filing of the claims on the far sidethe claims filing limit A medical coder helps in organizing the operations where medical practice can hope for a stronger tomorrow in terms of financial stability. At the same time, optimizing the revenue flow could be a robust game and most significantly a time intense job. The medical billing and coding company executes the combination of various tasks involving medical billing software, in line work process and deploying trained and skilled staff for your clinic who will perform regular follow ups to eliminate errors and maximize the collections. Some of the advantages to outsource the medical billing and coding work are: Improved Revenue collection Denial Analysis and follow up PermitsIn-house Team to specialize in Patient Care Advanced technology and organized work structure
Medical Billing and Coding

How to Evaluate your Practice Revenue Cycle With The Help Of Billing and Coding Company

July 20, 2016
The potency of a medical practice’s charge operations incorporates a vital impact on monetary performance. Healthcare is one of the quickest rising industries within the world. With scientific progression, advanced technology and state of the art hospitals, it is developing all across the world. Your reimbursements on claims filed and also the cash paid out of pocket by patient’s area unit the premise of your revenue cycle where a billing and coding company has a major role to play. Benefits of Outsourcing to Evaluate Revenue Cycle: Outsourcing tending connected work –Medical charge, claims settlements, Accounts Receivable, etc—can make life a lot easier for physicians. Outsourcing can scale back the pressure from you and you’ll become additionally attentive towards your practice needs and be able to follow your schedule, give premium patient care and get claims be paid on time which will result in increased income. Even the complicated system of secret writing of ICD-10 can be implemented in correctly by each medical coder who will be deployed by the medical billing company at your premises. Thus, you are free from the headache to grasp the complicated ICD-10 codes or train your workers to understand that as ultimately they will perform the billing work flawlessly for you. Their domain experience in each MD and hospital charge and claims management, combined with end-to-end revenue cycle management services, will facilitate your organization scale back operational prices and accelerate income. Ways in Which Billing and Coding Company Evaluate Practice Performance: They will work along with your team to investigate your operational wants, compare performance to industry-leading benchmarks and develop the go-forward conceive to optimize revenue cycle operations. The medical billing and coding staff will implement revenue cycle best practices across your health system and multiple info systems. They understand that no single answer or one-time fix will address the challenges hospitals and physicians face during this dynamic tending surroundings. Thus, the medical billing company has a tendency to conjointly acknowledge that suppliers need to focus totally on providing quality patient care. They have huge resources and experience to deal with each of the billing related queries in a modernized and advanced way. They will check for the loopholes and use the best software to manage denials, claims, etc. so they know what your practice financial position is and what they need to do to improve it. Thus, at the end of the day, you get 98% of the claims paid and enjoy better revenue cycle in the long run. So, hire the best medical billing and coding company today to evaluate your practice revenue cycle and get paid on time.
Medical coding companies

How ICD-10 Strategies Implemented by Coding Companies Can Help Your Practice

July 18, 2016
ICD-10 CM diagnoses need to be used by all the providers in the healthcare business. ICD-10-PCS (procedures) need to be used only for hospital claims for inpatient hospital procedures which medical billing companies takes care of in a perfect way. They make sure that the ICD-10-PCS are not used on physician claims, even those for inpatient visit which is an important criterion. The coding companies are well versed with the CPT and HPCS rules where these need to be used continuously for physicians and ambulatory services that include physician’s visits to inpatients. There are many other ICD-10 strategies which need to imply appropriately to keep the medical billing and coding procedure smooth. The Strategies Which Coding Companies Implements to Streamline your Practice are Stated Below: ICD-10 is just a more prefect ICD-9  and ICD-10 is unpreventable Work for physicians becomes negligible and medical billing companies can handle it for you in an efficient way where you just focus on patient care and they take care of medical billing and coding appropriately. ICD-10 cost for offices is not high Work for institutions is worthwhile and the coding companies use personal conversion plans that help These strategies need to be implemented and should not be postponed for it keeps the management of revenue cycle perfect. Adhering to ICD 10 code implementation is a must for your medical business. Every disease is denoted by three or four terms and every term requires to be applied to the different diseases and sometimes these are inconvenient, vague or complications are registered. Thus, coding companies have specialized staff to take care of such issues and they settle all the claims without causing any delay. They make sure to work with improved consistency and give details to insurance companies in appropriate way so no denials happen. In case of any denials because of the coding problems are addressed soon by the staff and the claims are resubmitted keeping in mind the ICD 10 regulations. Therefore, outsourcing your medical billing business to specialists will help you meet the regulations and you suffer less or no loss in your practice.
Medical Billing

How To Monitor and Promote Online Feedback For Your Medical Practice With The Help of Medical Billing Company

July 14, 2016
Online presence has become a very important aspect to run your business. Physician can not only be affected by the web presence they have but also by the reviews and feedback given by their patients. Focusing on the online presence is possible with the help of medical billing services. Now before visiting any physician, patient ought to go by the ratings and reviews of the physicians which the practitioners should not take lightly. It is almost uncontrollable to avoid negative reviews and the key for promoting and monitoring customer feedbacks is appropriate for customer relationship management. If you rely on medical coding and billing company for submitting claims and managing the revenue cycle management, you can handle online presence of your medical company successfully. Ways to Promote Good Reviews Internet has become a boon for healthcare industry in many ways. But the main challenge is to maintain the reputation by providing satisfactory and valuable perks for the medical billing practices. The very common way to monitor patient satisfaction is conducting surveys and taking feedback questionnaires. This is a very transparent way of communication from both ends where patient can reach to the medical practitioner and physicians can tap their patient satisfaction. The survey should include sufficient information for the patient to fill and it must accurately measure the patient satisfaction. It should be taken care that too much information and data fields should not be included so as to frustrate the form filler. As the medical billing company takes care of claims and other billing procedures, you can focus on your online feedback system perfectly.  With online presence it is also important for the practitioners to deal with negative feedbacks. Promoting Online and Offline As medical billing service providers takes care of billing, one need to take care of managing their client profile too. One such way to boost the physician practice is having testimonials of various patients and attaching it to the webpage. This helps in letting patients read the reviews and know about the successful track record. Along with Promoting the practice, this helps in creating awareness among the patients regarding your practice. Apart from promoting medical billing and coding services online, it is necessary to keep the patient engaged as ignorant feeling on social media can raise the chances of negative reviews for the hospitals, clinics, etc. It is utmost important to keep the patient data and personal information confidential as there are many ways in social media to bring your practice in Jeopardy. So, monitor your feedbacks online and focus on patient care for best reviews. This can be achieved with the help of a medical billing company.



Key Ways to Improve Claims Management and Reimbursement in the Healthcare Revenue Cycle

April 12, 2016
To keep pace with changes to healthcare reimbursement, hospitals and healthcare organization need to reduce inefficiency in revenue cycle management. Reimbursement is changing in healthcare. Even before elements of the Affordable Care Act began to go into effect, a growing focus on value- based care versus volume has led many healthcare organizations and providers to consider accountable and patient-centered care models in which they assume a greater share of risk. In this changing climate, revenue must be managed differently to ensure that the value delivered to patients is paid for appropriately both in terms of accuracy and timeliness. UNDERSTANDING CLAIMS IN THE CONTEXT OF THE REVENUE CYCLE For hospitals and physician practices to ensure that their claims are paid, they must first understand how the different components of claims management affect reimbursement. “Whether you call it revenue cycle or protecting your reimbursement, success will depend on making many improvements simultaneously,” says Nalin Jain, Delivery Director of Advisory Services for CTG Health Solutions “It’s not just one small thing that you fix, but making several improvements and making them simultaneously through the process from pre-care to zero balance.” The negative impact poor claims management can have on reimbursement is significantly more pronounced in clinical settings where resources dedicated solely to the revenue cycle are often lacking. “We realized early on that physicians are running the business, but they are not businessmen,” Jain explains. “They are caregivers, yet they have to manage their practice as a business and claims processing was the sand in the gears of practice management.” According to Jain, those healthcare organizations and providers succeeding at reimbursement take into account and address how each of the various components of the patient-provider interaction fit into the revenue cycle and could introduce gaps leading to loss or risk: Pre-service (e.g., pre-registration, pre-authorization) Process of care Process integrity practices (e.g., charge master, coding compliance, clinical documentation) Billing services (e.g., customer support, collections, follow-up) Administrative services (e.g., contract management, fee schedules, debt collections, managed care contracts, denial management) “When you compartmentalize your practice or your hospital across these five areas,” Jain continues, “you’re able to address within each of these components what is working and not working, what are the industry standards, where are your peers compared to where you are, and what you need to do to get to the next stage and then beyond that.” In other words, improving reimbursements begins with assessing the current state of affairs. Jain recommends that physician practices and hospitals pay special attention to three broad functional areas: financial, technical, and operational. “Whether you call it revenue cycle or protecting your reimbursement, success will depend on making many improvements simultaneously.” The financial side looks at accounts receivable (A/R), its metrics around collection rates, denials, and denial management. The technical side considers the systems, applications, and processes throughout the entirety of the patient-provider interaction. The operational side takes into account the staffing, vendor relationships, and workflows. Depending on the size of the healthcare organization and extent of

Accretive Health Q4 revenue hits $68.3M, Access Healthcare launches 9th RCM center & more – 6 RCM company key notes

March 18, 2016
Here are six recent news updates on key healthcare revenue cycle management companies. Access Healthcare, a provider of end-to-end healthcare revenue cycle services, is introducing automation in its arc.in platform. Access Healthcare launched its ninth global delivery center in Coimbatore, India. Accretive Health reported $68.3 million in net services revenue for the fourth quarter of 2015, up from $47.5 million in the fourth quarter of 2014. Anthelio Healthcare topped Black Book’s rankings for 2015 HIM outsourcing solutions. Availity launched an application for delivering member assessments. The new application is part of the company’s Revenue Program Management solution. Quatrro, a provider of accounting and medical billing services to healthcare organizations, plans to build on its market share in healthcare accounting in fiscal year 2016 to 2017. Source:http://www.beckershospitalreview.com/

ICD-10 to get 5,500 new codes, including ones for face, hand transplants, CMS says

March 17, 2016
On Oct. 1, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will add another 5,500 codes to the ICD-10 diagnostic library, officials announced in a March 9 meeting. The addition will come exactly one year after ICD-10, with its nearly 70,000 billable codes, replaced the dated, and much more compact, ICD-9 code set. CMS said it plans to add about 1,900 diagnosis codes and 3,651 hospital inpatient procedure codes to the ICD-10 coding system for healthcare claims in fiscal year 2017. Of the 3,651 new hospital inpatient procedure codes, 97 percent will update the cardiovascular and lower joint body systems, CMS said. There will also be new codes for a face transplant, hand transplant and donor organ perfusion, CMS said. The large number of new codes is due to a partial freeze on updates prior to the original launch on October 1, 2015 according to CMS. The 2016 update will include the backlog of all proposals for changes to the code set. The new and revised ICD-10-CM (Clinical Modification) and ICD-10 PCS (Procedure Coding System) codes will be included in the hospital inpatient prospective payment system proposed rule for fiscal 2017, which is expected next month. Diagnostic Related Group changes will also launch on Oct. 1, according to CMS.   Source:http://www.healthcareitnews.com/

layton Williams Energy Announces $350 Million Term Loan from Funds Managed by Ares Management

March 11, 2016
MIDLAND, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Clayton Williams Energy, Inc. (the “Company”) (NYSE:CWEI) announced today that it has entered into a credit agreement with certain funds managed by Ares Management, L.P. (NYSE: ARES) (the “Lenders”) providing for the Lenders to make secured term loans to the Company in the principal amount of $350 million. The Company also has agreed to issue to the Lenders warrants to purchase 2.25 million shares of the Company’s common stock at a price of $22.00 per share with rights to appoint two members to the Company’s board of directors. Proceeds from this transaction will be used to fully repay the Company’s outstanding indebtedness under its revolving credit facility and provide additional liquidity to fund the Company’s operations and future development. Closing of this transaction is expected to occur on or before March 31, 2016. Concurrently, the Company announced an amendment to its bank revolving credit facility to reduce lender commitments to $100 million and ease financial covenants, among other changes. The amendment will be effective upon closing of the secured term loan transaction. “Today’s announcement marks the successful conclusion of our Company’s review of strategic alternatives,” said Mel Riggs, President of Clayton Williams Energy. “This transaction provides the liquidity we need to support our continuing operations and preserve our large core acreage positions in the Delaware Basin and Eagle Ford for future development and value creation. We are excited about building on this relationship with Ares Management.” Further commentary on this transaction will occur during the Company’s Year End and Q4 2015 financial results conference call on March 10, 2016. Details about the call can be obtained in the Investors section of the Company’s website at www.claytonwilliams.com. Additional details regarding the new credit agreement and amendment to the Company’s bank revolving credit facility will also be included in a Current Report on Form 8-K to be filed by the Company. Goldman Sachs served as sole arranger and bookrunner, and Stephens Inc. advised the Lenders. Vinson & Elkins served as legal advisor to the Company, and Kirkland & Ellis LLP served as legal advisor to the Lenders. About Clayton Williams Energy, Inc. Clayton Williams Energy, Inc. is an independent energy company located in Midland, Texas. About Ares Ares Management, L.P. is a publicly traded, leading global alternative asset manager with approximately $94 billion of assets under management as of December 31, 2015 and more than 15 offices in the United States, Europe and Asia. Since its inception in 1997, Ares has adhered to a disciplined investment philosophy that focuses on delivering strong risk-adjusted investment returns throughout market cycles. Ares believes each of its three distinct but complementary investment groups in Credit, Private Equity and Real Estate is a market leader based on assets under management and investment performance. Ares was built upon the fundamental principle that each group benefits from being part of the greater whole. For more information, visit www.aresmgmt.com. This release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section

Retail health clinics aren’t cutting healthcare costs: 8 observations

March 10, 2016
Retail health clinics may be increasing health costs, instead of lowering them, based on a Boston-based Harvard Medical School study, according to CNBC. Health Affairs published the study. The researchers analyzed visits for 11 types of “low-acuity” conditions. Here are eight observations: 1. Retail health clinics have resulted in increased use of medical services. 2. The researchers found three-fifths of the visits were labeled as “new utilization,” indicating the patients would not have received treatment if the clinics weren’t available. 3. About two-fifths of the visits were considered “substitution” treatments, in which the patients would have otherwise received more expensive treatment from emergency rooms or their primary care physicians. 4. The authors found the increased spending for “new utilization” visits outweighed the savings seen from “substitution” visits. 5. The retail clinics did not cut spending, but contributed to 21 percent higher spending for low-acuity conditions. Individually, patients saw about a $14 increase per visit. 6. The researchers concluded retail clinics encourage people to use more medical services. 7. About 2,000 retail health clinics provide treatment throughout the United States, offering care to about 6 million visitors annually. 8. The results question whether other alternative, low-cost healthcare approaches, like telehealth, may also result in overall higher health spending. Source: http://www.beckersasc.com/

* approximate values