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Ambulance Billing Services

      It is the process through which the ambulance service provider gains income from medical insurance companies. Almost lots of ambulance service providers are looking for orders out of which only 50% are able to get orders and only 25% are able to get paid instantly.

AMBULANCE BILLING SERVICES The above chart mention the number of ambulances on an average of 75% gets calls within a span of 8 minutes.

Solutions to issues provided by our clients

Duplicate billing

      The ambulance company will provide an e-pcr for billing to their inward billing sections without the knowledge of the patient and hospital. When this goes to the billing section of the company it doesn’t gets identified as a false statement and it goes to the insurance company for clearing and will get the payment for services which are not rendered.

Solution provided by us

24/7 medical billing services need to check if it is applied by a patient or by the ambulance person. The e-pcr generating machine is having such option, so make sure that it is applied by the patient and not by the ambulance person.

Proven results based on real time ambulance billing services

Now we are going to discuss about the performance, Proof, Productivity, People, Process and Partner of our ambulance billing services

1. Performance

  1. We improve the performance with the help of Transparency and control for your practice,
  2. State-of the Art, powerful technology and tools mean service to billing intervals in hours or days, not weeks
  3. We Process 99% of claims electronically and we also provide Comprehensive Real-time reporting

2. Proof

  1. We tell our clients that the Collections will up by 5 to 50% and all the Denials reduced up to 90% as well as A/R days outstanding down by 5 or more finally Achieve net collections of 95+%

3. Productivity

  1. We tell our clients that productivity can be increased in your clinic by You focusing only on clinical matters, not the billing office and we also Reduce the  staff and overhead costs

4. People

  1. All the people we hire are Trained, certified, and ready to meet your unique needs. With too much of Expertise, confidence and responsive service we surely improve your pending and old bills

5. Process

  1. We provide Streamlined and fully compliant workflow means and Automation of routine tasks with the help of machines.
  2. We use Rapid, efficient claims for faster processing and fewer denials, faster denial processing as well as reduced compliance risk

6. Partner

  1. We as your best billing partner an extension of your practice and Solutions tailored to the specific needs of your practice.
  2. We also provide Advisor and advice at the time of billing for our clients.
  3. We do negotiate with all the payers on filling contract, we also provide  Credentialing  as well as Industry expert in regulations, coding and compliance

Why choose us?

Practice management software

We are capable of providing free practice management software for your billing and coding needs. We are experts in the following practice management software such as AdvancedMD, HealthFusion, Allscripts PM, kareo, Athena collector, nextgen, brightree, medisoft,chirotouch, NueMD, Centricity group management, practice fusion, eclinicalworks, vehicle and epic.

Data Security

We are one among the leaders in the medical billing and coding industry and we offer high end data security to our client’s data.

Electronic Health Record

We also offer you the convenience of an electronic health record so that you can view your patient’s record any time anywhere

Competitive pricing

Competitive pricing is one of the important goals of our concern and we provide competitive pricing against our competitors

Free Analysis

We can provide free analysis on your medical data so that you will be able to track where you stand

HIPAA Complaint

We are HIPAA complaint and we follow Medicare guidelines



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