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Latest Updates on Medical Billing

Latest Updates on Medical Billing

It was only about 10 minutes into the game when I fell on the soccer pitch this summer and tore a ligament in my knee. My subsequent trip to the hospital garnered me a specific diagnostic code that went to my insurance company. My insurer was then able to see why I sought care and billed accordingly. Despite significant upgrades in medical knowledge and care, the same thing would have happened a decade ago. Those

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“If you’re bringing in a certain amount of revenue, you can’t have expenses that exceed that revenue. It’s seems very basic but people don’t look at it that way.” Money may be the root of all evil, but it is also the root of the healthcare industry. Revenue cycle management, based upon the straightforward notion of continuously staying in the black, is about getting paid, and expediently so. Within the healthcare space, successful revenue cycle

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