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Stay on Top of Claims Status Management

Is claims status management eating up your valuable time? Do you want to speed up the process and get paid faster? Fret not. We have the perfect solution to help you manage this daunting task.  Say hello to Officehub, a real-time, efficient Insurance eligibility verification and claim status solution.

Save Time, Reduce Costs and Prevent Revenue Leakage 

We understand that managing claims statuses is easier said than done. It is a time consuming task that takes at least 5-15 minutes per claim. So why waste time? With Officehub, now you have the perfect solution to improve your billing process and earn more revenue. This automated solution will help you speed up the process and give your bill staff more time to work on claims and get you paid faster.

Why Officehub?

  • Its easy to check up to unlimited claims per day with Commercial and BCBS insurances.
  • A single login gateway to more than 400 insurances
  • Easy bulk upload of up to 10,000 patients per batch
  • Get detailed information on claims status and eligibility in a few minutes.
  • It is API friendly and you can check claim status in real-time at any time.

Eliminate Denials, Boost Revenue 

So if you are looking for a solution to handle claims status and eligibility verification, then Officehub is just what you need. Experience medical billing brilliance and boost your revenue cycle like never before. Call us today for more details.


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