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Exploring Telemedicine in the Emergency Department

By 247 MBS 3 years ago

Exploring Telemedicine in the Emergency Department

By 247 MBS 3 years ago
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Exploring Telemedicine in the Emergency Department

By: 247 MBS posted on May 20th, 2017 in Medical Billing and Coding

Reinventing with new technology has changed our living style. The term telemedicine is no more an unused word. This word has taken a strong implementation in medical sector. A report says that 74% of patients will use telemedicine if they were available at any time. The usage of telemedicine in Emergency Department can really do well.

In rural areas

On concerning with rural areas, medicine and health cares will be available but the physician cannot help the patient when he is out of town. In such emergency case, telemedicine can become life-saving solution for patients. With a medical assistant, physician can save the person’s life from verge of death. Implementing telemedicine can become very useful in many rural areas and in remote health care units.

Treatment at any time

Only 15% of doctors prefer giving telemedicine because they feel it kind of weird to treat a patient without seeing their health conditions. Some of the family doctors of patients feel that telemedicine or tele-treatment is better. The patient who sees the doctor by regular basis does not have the necessary to travel a long distance just for monthly check up unless the patient has got no issues. Scheduling of the appointments of patients is also becoming handy and easy because of usage of telemedicine.

One of the most important usages of this telemedicine is, it can be treated anywhere or anytime. A physician has oral part of prescribing the medicines; the medical assistant must provide proper medicines for the patient.

On emergency department

When the patient gets into emergency conditions like

  • Accidents
  • Seizures
  • Fractures

And many more health risks happen in emergency conditions. In such times, it is too hard to find a doctor who is far away from emergency situation. It is better to connect with a doctor is video call or phone call and clearly explain the sickness or difficulty experienced by the patient and treat them with proper care. This telemedicine can act as an initial first aid to help the patient relieving from pain. Using telemedicine in such a way can help in improving patient’s health condition.

Practically possibility

The telemedicine has got practical possibility by all means and it is proven good. In case if you got sick in space station, what will you do? You must immediately connect yourself with a physician and telemedicine is going to save you at that time because there is no emergency clinic launched in space stations until now. When it becomes possible in space station then why can’t it become possible on earth? Yes it is positively possible and people can trust in telemedicine without any doubts. On emergency situations there is no other go rather than sticking with telemedicines.

Usage of this telemedicine is developing with rapid speed because they are cost-efficient and they create a good relationship between physician and the patient. This telemedicine can solve issues like no beds available at hospitals to treat and when doctors are out of town. As the globalization grows, it is better to stick on with such telemedicines for better survival.

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