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Gastroenterology Billing Services

Diseases are different but the solution is simple

Diseases may differ from one another but the medicine for all the diseases come from same combination of chemicals in different ratio. Likewise the gastroenterology is a field which deals with different sections of food pipe starting from mouth to anus. The medical division deals with complete disorders happening inside the intestines. It can be anything from simple worms or to even cancer. Even the proper medical billing should be done for better reimbursements.

Gastroenterology Billing Services

Make hassle free billings

We you are joining hands with us for gastroenterology billing services you can stay stress free. We can best coding services for your different types of diseases happening in food pipe. One sole process is happening inside the food pipe but the organs for digestion have got different names. Likewise the diseases happening inside each organ will have different name. Because of our experience in this field for more than 12 years we are happy to help people in sorting out the different codes for each sickness.

The coding which we use is ICD-10, and it has got all specific codes to describe diseases without any confusion. For instance stomach is a single organ, but it can get multiple diseases like ulcer, stomach irritation, and stomach cancer. The ICD-10 has got special codings for each of these issues. So billing will not become a bigger burden for you.

Exact usage of modifiers

  • Our billing services will help you to use apt modifiers
  • We ensure with the help of expert level training
  • Clients are getting correct reimbursements when they are using our modifiers

When a mistake happens in modifiers then the whole billing will be denied. Most of the reasons for denials are misplacing modifiers. But our clients will have no issues regarding modifiers.

Some of the ICD-10 codes

We use specialized ICD-10 codings in our billing services. Some of the codes are mentioned below.

Code C15.3

This code specially denotes malignant neoplasm in the esophagus area covering the upper third part.

Code C15.4

This code is created for malignant neoplasm in the esophagus area which has occurred in middle third region.

Likewise specific and specialized coding of each sickness makes our billing services stand out tall rather than other services.

Why choose us?

  • Timely process
  • Better reimbursements
  • No errors
  • No chance for denials or rejections
  • 100% HIPAA compliance
  • Qualified ICD codes
  • User friendly software

Apart from that on time, every time! This is more over like our motto; we keep on providing bills with perfection because of our perfect software and coders who are ready to help at any time without any hesitation. Since we have experts in our hands we are able to provide you proper support and reimbursement settlements without dealing. When there is a small delay in billing service the whole process of reimbursements gets ruined. We care for our client’s precious time and work faster around the clock. You can even contact us at any time of the week and clear your doubts regarding billing services.

Moreover we are ready to work on your suggested style of billing services and offer technical help whenever or wherever it is possible. Connect with us to stay free without any lagging in billing services.

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