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General Surgery Billing Services

Increase the revenue with the help of general surgery bills

General surgery doesn’t occur often in medical industries but using that they can gain quiet good salary. The standard of income can be improved only with the benefits of gaining good amounts of bills in general surgery. We help in providing good amounts of billing when it comes to general surgery. In the below paragraphs all our specialized services is revealed.

General Surgery Billing Services

Reasons for general surgery

People may perform general surgery for various reasons like

  • Warts
  • Appendix
  • Pancreas surgery
  • Colon
  • Anal canal
  • Rectum
  • Obese body conditions
  • Type-2 diabetes

These are some of the most common reason for performing general surgery. Each of these has got individual coding in our software which helps patients to get billing in speedy mode without waiting for long hours.

Why choose us?

  • One step solution for billing services
  • Transparent billing services
  • AR follow up within 30 days
  • Electronic storage of data
  • No chance for rejections
  • Best billing codes
  • Professional help support

Technical aspect

When it comes to Generalsurgery billing services, technically it should be well developed because without proper billing facilities, it becomes hard to carry on with fast process. Medical industry can prefer medical billing services based on fast billing like which we have as 1st priority. In general surgery there may be different types and terms. When the modifiers are misused, the billing can become tedious process. But we use perfect modifiers and enhanced coding for billing process.

Our software has got ICD-10 coding, which is specially designed to deal with general surgery bills. The terms of the ICD-10 coding are mentioned below

Code A63.0

This code is for surgery performed with warts.

Code C18.3

This code is to make bills for hepatic flexure in malignant neoplasm.

Code C20

This code is for malignant neoplasm among rectum.

Code C25.0 – Code C25.2

This code is for complete malignant neoplasm in three parts of pancreas like head, body and tail.

Code C25.3

This code is for malignant neoplasm of duct in pancreas.

Some of the others codes like C25.4 also deals with pancreatic surgeries without any conflictions.

Code D12.1

This code is for benign neoplasm in the area of appendix

These are just some of the codes which are used to create perfect general surgery billing services. We provide accurate bills which will create no flaws while sending for reimbursements.

One stop solution

Our general billing services have all technical solutions which your medical industry will be in need of. We have services like

Customized services

Based on your medical industry, we have better technical coders for even altering the software without any bigger issues. We can really understand where your medical industry is lacking and try to cope up with you to help you raise your financial services.

More than this we offer any time help support for all the issues related to billing, and we are 100% transparent in Revenue Cycle Management. We provide complete data security in basis of electronic health care support. Apart from all these we get into your place and help you to lift up your higher level of services into one step ahead by collaborating with our billing services.

We have got some ample of clients who are really happy with our services regarding general surgery billing.

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