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Neurology Billing Services

Nerves need perfect care from billing services

There are so many nerves in human body and there are about 95 to 100 billion of neuron cells are available in human body. All of these nerves are interconnected and they have got different names and sections. All these nerves help humans to feel and work effectively than other organisms. If your medical industry has got Neurology department then there will be need of billing services to make it perfectly working without any further issues.

If there is some issue regarding billing, then the chances for reimbursements will get reduced and your income will become question mark. Don’t let your health care industry drown with such shame aspect. We are better servicers in Neurology Billing Services for past decade and we will deliver best solutions for your medical care industry and increase your income within short period of time.

Neurology Billing Services

What makes us better?

You can have this question in your mind, what makes our services better than others.  Some of our features are mentioned below

  • ICD-10 coding
  • 24*7 help support
  • Expert coders
  • Professional services
  • Innovative billing
  • 100% HIPAA compliance
  • Customized services
  • Secured data
  • Electronic storage
  • Perfect RCM
  • Increased revenue
  • Right use of modifiers
  • No denials
  • No rejections

Help support

We provide any time help support regarding both software and non-technical issues happening in your medical concern.

Hands on experts

We have experts for coding and development of software. Whatever customization you like to have in your software can be modified by us with the help of best coders in industry.

Secured data

All the data regarding patient’s information and anything will be stored in secured manner and anybody cannot crack our security systems.


We completely follow the rules and regulations of HIPAA, if there is any change in laws too, we will update you sooner and make your work faster within short span.

Best revenue

We provide best revenue for your medical industry within few months after getting connected with us. These are some of the benefits of getting connected with us for neurology billing services.

ICD-10 coding

We have new improved version of ICD-10 coding to meet the high ends of technology without any flaws. Apart from other services, there are some ICD-10 codes which make our services special in markets which are mentioned below. There are four main sections in our coding.

  • Section G70-G73
  • Section G60-G65
  • Section T66-T78
  • Section H80-H83

Section G70-G73

This section will completely cover the most of the neurology aspects. Some of the coding for this section is specified below

Code G71.0

This code is for muscular dystrophy.

Code G71.11

This code is designed for dystrophy with myotonic muscles.

Code G71.12

This code is designed for myotonia congenital.

Section G60-G65

This has got codings like code G60.0 for hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy.

Code G60.1

This is for Refsum’s disease happening in individuals.

These are some of the samples of codes which are being used in our services to make better outputs.

Multi-specialty experts

We have special experts for dealing with various parts of billing services. There are separate coders, Accountants, AR follow ups and 20 teams working with innovative and unique ideas which will make your medical care industry gloom within few months.

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