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Pediatric Billing Services

Treating the infants and children’s come under the department of pediatric. Since children have very low immunity power they get easily affected to flus and other diseases. Physician who takes care of the infants and treats them in better way is called pediatricians. They bring a good source of revenue to the medical organization without any lay backs. To make that revenue more effective we help with our billing services which are in top-notch. The billing services which we offer are user-friendly and many of our clients are so happy to use our software.

Pediatric Billing Services

Coding which we are using for developing user-friendly software is the bestselling proposition which will gradually increase your revenue. The coding which we are using right now is based on ICD-10 codes and our updated codes help pediatric billing services to get settled without any claims. Some of the codes which we are using in our billing software are explained below

ICD-10 coding

Code Z00.121

This code is for encountering a child for routine health examination with any of the abnormal findings.

Code Z00.129

This code is for encountering a child for routine health examination without any of the abnormal findings.

Code Z23

This code is to encounter for immunization in child.

Code J02.8

This code is for acute pharyngitis because of any specified organisms.

Code J02.9

This code is for acute pharyngitis of unspecified type.

Code H66. 91

This code is for unspecified otitis media in right ear.

Code H66. 92

This code is for unspecified otitis media in left ear.

These are some of the best codings we are using in our software. Most of our clients are satisfied with these codes because they are more reliable and they don’t lead to any of the claims. The codes are specially derived from latest version of ICD-10. Since we have lots of experience in the previous versions, we have work with effective software for your friendly usage.

Electronic health record

We provide electronic storage of data for getting better claims for billing. But you may have the question for a new born, how can an electronic health record get created? In our billing services, we are creating new electronic records even for new born babies which can help to claim right reimbursements without getting any of the denials.

Innovative solutions

We have termed with innovative solutions for making our software user-friendly one rather than complicate one to work with. Some of the choices for getting our services are given below

  • We have better support facilities to help our clients when they are in need of any solutions
  • We solve all technical issues and any kinds of doubt when it comes to our clients
  • We give best priority levels for dealing with any of the technical doubts of our clients
  • We help to solve all the issues immediately

Since we have experts as professionals any software issues or accounts receivables can be solved within short period of time. With our quality software wrong codes and wrong details can’t be entered. We provide best services and have got some of the happy clients in our billing service network.

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