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Radiology Medical Billing Services

      Radiology is a medical specialty of complexities, be it the disorders, diagnosis, CPT or ICD codes, billing, etc. It is a demanding profession in terms of providing appropriate, timely patient care and handling the healthcare reforms along with keeping yourself, the entire support staff updated on the rules and regulations of health policies, insurance companies, government guidelines, and much more.

24/7 Medical Billing Services is a billing partner of choice for hundreds of medical practices for over 10 years. We understand the amount of effort and time it needs to have an impeccable radiology billing cycle to ensure maximum successful reimbursements.

Our Radiology Billing Services Include:

      With a completely dedicated team of only experienced and certified professional coders (CPC) and well-defined expertise, a medical practice will save at least 50%* costs incurred on hiring in-house staff.

RCM Planning and Execution

      Most medium-sized medical practices in the US lack proper planning of their revenue cycle management (RCM), according to our periodic surveys. 24/7 MBS takes special interest in studying your existing revenue cycle, reimbursement trend, account receivable (AR) status, and developing a value added billing cycle.

Radiology Coding and Audit

      Erroneous coding and claim submissions are the first major stumble blocks for radiologists to get reimbursed for their services. Given the changing norms of the healthcare industry, both government and private, we ensure your practice does not suffer because of faulty billing. The second most important part of our radiology billing services is to conduct regular audits and training your staff on maintaining data correctly.
* Our ICD-10 certified coders (with experience in ICD-9) deliver 99% clean and timely claims.

Alliance with Clearing Houses

      24/7 Medical Billing Services believes in being well acquainted with our coworkers. This not only helps our clients get quick results and the best customer care services but also create a reliable reputation with the payers. Our staff is also attuned to the billing trends and specific requirements of different insurers.

Training and Compliance

      Keeping up with the latest technology or guidelines is a cumbersome process for a full-fledged operational radiology practice. The medical staff is short pressed of time, and hence we ensure that our entire team is updated on:

  1. HIPAA guidelines and repercussions of non-compliance
  2. Advanced beneficiary notices (ABN) and submission
  3. Medicare local coverage determination (LCD) policies
  4. CMS national coverage determination (NCD) policies
  5. Government incentive schemes for radiology billing
  6. Coding guidelines for government and private payers

Save time, monetary resources, reduce workload, enhance practice performance, and strike a better balance work – life by letting us what we do best. So, outsource your radiology billing today to see a minimum 20% boost in your revenue!



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