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Rheumatology Billing Services

Accurate medical billing for proper settlements from health insurance

Medical billing and coding are important process for the health industry especially it will be tedious process for the clinics to do it for each patient as numerous patients would come for treatment every day. In such case the clinics trust medical billing services that render billing and coding services. Through the medical billing services the Doctor and the clinic gets the payment without any issues. In case of absence of medical billing services the settlements for the treatment will get delay for the Doctor and clinic. The one of best medical billing services in the country is 24/7 medical billing services.

Rheumatology Billing Services


Rheumatology is a branch of medicine that deals with the treatment, and diagnosis of aching in the joints and the tissues connected to the joints. The aching in the joints will be chronic and it will happen frequently.  The billing and coding services offered that uses proper ICD codes for the disease and the treatment given to the patient regarding Rheumatology is called as Rheumatology medical billing services.

24/7 medical billing services is an expert in medical billing and coding service and they cover all the branches of medicine in billing and coding. Usually Rheumatology medical billing and coding is seldom. It is very rare to do but 24/7 medical billing services does medical billing for Rheumatology as they are experts in medical billing with wide exposure.

Having wide range of experience 24/7 medical billing services perfectly codes the disease both internally and internally and also the treatment regarding Rheumatology with ICD codes to get the proper intended claim from the health insurance company.

24/7 medical billing services does:

  • Perfect medical billing and coding service for Rheumatology
  • Assists to get maximum claims with the assistance of professional coders
  • Processing takes less time as coding and billing is done faster without delay
  • Enhances the revenue for the hospitals
  • It uses only certified medical billers and coders.
  • Uses expert Rheumatology billing and coding specialist
  • Billing for both commercial and government claims
  • Any time help services around the clock
  • AR follow up within 30 days

Accounts receivables cleanup

24/7 medical billing services actually work to clean up your account to deal with the receivables so that you will get full settlements without any pending.

Rheumatology Billing Services Include

Unspecified Codes

The coders have to do refined search in ICD 10 codes to find the exact codes without any mistakes. If the Doctor does not have ICD 9 codes but they use advanced ICD 10 then it will take more time for the coders to find exact codes hence specialists should be used.

This will actually slow down the process and the payment will be delayed. Therefore 24/7 medical billing services uses experts who are trained in ICD-10 codes to get the job done easily and quickly without any issues.

Actually 24/7 medical billing services are the forerunner in medical billing and coding services hence they will deal with any kind of coding and billing in a short time with high accuracy. They maintain the data of the patients provided by the hospital securely to maintain confidentiality. They also provide free analysis hence it will be much useful for the customers who request free analysis.

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