Sleep Disorder Billing Services
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Sleep Disorder Billing Services

People who have difficulty in sleeping get proper treatment from physicians. Physicians need to concentrate more in such kinds of people to treat them better. Then why your medical industry must give extra burdens by making them to calculate the bills of their patients? Just give us a chance to do the billing services and see the magic of improving your revenue in very short days. We will be delighted to service for your medical industry.

Sleep Disorder Billing Services

Years of experience

  • We have got 12 years of experience in this industry which will help your medical industry to gain more revenue.
  • We are sure about increasing the levels of your revenue by 10% or 20% without any doubts.
  • We follow proper strategies to develop some of the best services
  • We enable your Revenue Management Cycle to get on hike
  • We will even provide qualified coders and staffs to help with bills for patients increasing sleeping disorder.

Our codings

We have implemented software with latest ICD-10 codings which will gradually decrease your stress levels for sleep disorder billing services and decrease physicians work burden. The codes which we are using in our billing services are listed below

Code G47.00

This code is for unspecified insomnia in sleeping disorder.

Code G47.01

This code is for insomnia due to many medical conditions.

Code G47.09

This code is for insomnia happening on other conditions.

Code G47.1

This code is for hypersomnia in sleeping disorder.

Code G47.11

This code is for idiopathic hypersomnia with longer time sleep conditions.

Code G47.12

This code is for idiopathic hypersomnia with short time sleep conditions.

Code G47.2

This code is for circadian rhythm sleep disorders.

Code G47.20

This code is for circadian rhythm sleep disorder on unspecified type.

These are just some of the codes which we are using in our billing services to get most of the benefits. The billing services have got best ICD-10 codes to improvise your medical industry.

Electronic data

Since we are entering all the medical records of patients in electronic devices, the chances for getting lost or misplaced is impossible. We provide secure logins to our software which allows only the authorities to open and use the software. We have designed our software as anti-hack one, where hackers cannot get information about the medical records of patients.

No chance for denials

We provide no chance for denials because of our best softwares with extraordinary codings. Since our software is user-friendly people can use it without any issues. We give our staffs a qualified training to make no mistakes in entries.

  • We provide best billing services
  • Our cost are affordable in market
  • Our software will increase your revenue
  • Even we provide 30 day trial version of our softwares

Where you can implement the codes and get the chance to test how our product works on your system. The billing services which we offer are best ones with high class working modes. We have some of the happy medical industry clients who are getting more improved services from us. Implement our software in your medical industry to see the miraculous improvement in revenue.

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