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Teleradiology Billing Services

Expert medical billing services with high accuracy

Medical billing is one of the important services that render excellent service to the health industry and the customers. Sickness is unpredictable and it happens all of a sudden for various reasons. Medical treatments are costly these days and the price for the treatment differs as per the disease and the treatment given to the sick person.

Teleradiology Billing Services

For some diseases the person has to take continuous treatment so their expenses would escalate for them before they are getting healed completely. It is best for the people to have health insurance so that they can claim the medical bills from insurance company.


There are different branches of medicine in which the branch that deals with transfer of X-ray, MRI and CT from one health specialist to the other is called Teleradiology. The X-ray, MRI and CT will be transferred to the radiologists. The medical billing and coding service that deals with Teleradiology is called as Teleradiology medical billing services.

The one of the leading, recommended and forerunner medical billing service that deals with various branches of medicine for medical billing and coding is 24/7 medical billing services. They are the one of the best in the country with trained professionals in billing and coding. With their expertise they produce wide range of accurate medical billing services.

Why choose 24/7 Medical Billing Services?

  • 12+ years of experience in the field.
  • They have certified medical coders and billers
  • Trained and encouraged to produce 99% claim approval
  • The claim rejection which is just one percentage is processed perfectly and sent to the health insurance company immediately to get the claim without fail.
  • You will receive answers and response from 24/7 medical billing services 365 days 24/7
  • Coders and billers process much faster but with high accuracy rate.
  • Understanding over medi-claim policies, free schedules and commercial payer regulations.
  • You will receive proper response for all your enquiries without fail.
  • Strictly complies with HIPAA rules for accurate billing without any issues and fall shorts.
  • 24/7 medical billing services is compatible with Medicare and Medicaid center called as CMS

The clients of 24/7 medical billing services acclaim the service rendered by 24/7 as they could increase the productivity. If productivity is increased then they could see the escalation in the performance that results in success.

CPT codes for Teleradiology

Code 74210

This code denotes FLUORO Upper Esophagram.

Code 74220

This code denotes FLUORO ESOPHAGUS EXAM.

 Code 74241

This code denotes FLUORO UPPER GI SERIES.

Code 74245


Code 74247


Teleradiologist areas that needs extra care

Laterality and age

On which lateral the issue is there is most important such as bilateral, right hand, left feet etc. The age should be mentioned in a way for instance acute, residual, sub-acute, traumatic, recurrent etc.

Episodes of care

This is most important because what type of care is given to the patient should be properly mentioned so that it will be cleat to code and bill for accurate claims.

24/7 Medical billing services use ICD-10 codes and the medical billing and coding is done by experts. So minimize your burden of billing in teleradiology by implementing our services.

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