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Urology Billing Services

Implant the best billing services in your medical care industry

Without proper medical care for diseases, it may become hard to sustain in human life. The food which we are consuming nowadays is becoming poisonous which causes lots of disorders in the urinary systems. The urinary system is the most important one in human body which removes all the waste waters from our body. Likewise a medical industry should get better billing services from Urology Billing Services which will high the income levels.

Urology Billing Services

Best services of our billing

  • We provide best software codings in the level of ICD-10
  • Anytime help support from our billing services
  • 12 years of experience in billing services
  • We follow 100% HIPAA compliance
  • AR follows up within some days
  • We help to reduce your extra operational costs by 50%
  • Connect with us for all billing services
  • These are some of the important points why you can choose us.

ICD-10 coding

We implement high level coding which has reduced the work stress in many of our client’s medical services. Some of the coding which we are using is given below

Code N30.00

This code is for acute cystitis without any hematuria.

Code N30.01

This code is for acute cystitis with similarities of hematuria.

Code N30.10

This code is for interstitial cystitis in chronic stages without hematuria.

Code N30.11

This code is for interstitial cystitis in chronic stages with hematuria.

Code N30.30

This code is for trigonitis without hematuria.

Code N30.31

This code is for trigonitis with the possibilities of hematuria.

These are just some of the codes which are used in our high end software systems to ensure there is no wrong codings in our system. With the help of these codings clients will have no issues regarding the billing.

30 Day Trial Pack

  • We provide 30 day trail pack in our urology billing services
  • You can initially try out software services and see the miraculous results of our software
  • With just 30 days of usage you will get a complete idea to establish our high end software with lot of user friendly options
  • It is very easy to get our trail package from our billing experts

Increase your revenue

  • We focus on increasing your revenue in short period of time
  • We assure that we are capable of increasing about 30% of your income
  • We will improve your revenue within short period of time
  • All you need is to get premium packages from us

Within the period of trail packs, you can visibly see the difference between your old style of working and new user friendly software package.

Since there are no errors in codings we don’t get any rejections or denials. A constantly increased graph will be seen after getting our software packages. We ensure any time help and support in both technical and non-technical aspects. Never get worried about late time submissions and such any issues when you are with us. We make sure that every claim is occurring properly and we check with complete data security and all our records are backed up in on-line for better access. Join with our billing services to become one among our happy clients.

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