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Wound Care Billing Services

Take your medical care billing services to next level

A medical care industry must have best billing services to stand for long times. If there are no proper medical billing services then chances for getting low profile which may affect the name of the medical industry. So the medical industry must give on some good note with many of the medical industries which are available in market for any services like Wound care billing services. Even mistakes happening for outpatients in wound care billing can lead the medical industry to lots of issues. To avoid that and make your concern receive more income, choose our services that are in the market for more than 10 years.

We have got ample of experience with good and trained staffs for making your medical care industry get hiked in income as well as in billing sector. We make no mistakes since we are giving you the best quality software. Your clients are our clients and we see no differences in serving for their good sake.

Wound Care Billing Services

Why is wound care so important?

Wound care billing can also increase the income of medical care industry when it is performed for high levels of wounds. There are some points which will get better reimbursements from insurance providers even for wounds. Those points are listed below

  • Wounds with high level of cleaning
  • Clearing off the objects like metals, stone from wounds
  • Deep cuts needs perfect cleaning
  • Removing the necrotic tissue from the wound
  • Giving little amount of anesthesia for cleaning the wounds

The above listed services are eligible for getting reimbursements from insurance providers without any issues. Any wound which needs proper dressing should be cleaned perfectly to make it heal faster.

Why choose us?

  1. We provide 100% HIPAA complaint
  2. We help our clients at any time
  3. We give instant AR follow up
  4. Anytime help facilities in tech issues
  5. Coding are performed by experts
  6. No chance for denials
  7. No lead for any kinds of rejections
  8. More than 10 years of experience
  9. Innovative billing solutions
  10. One of the best prices is provided by us

These are just some of the best prices which are provided by us. Feel free to get connected with our billing services. We even take photographs of wounds to ensure perfect reimbursements and to maintain good Revenue Cycle Management.

CPT code for anesthesia

Some of the wounds will cause too much of pains while dressing which becomes intolerable for many patients. In that case CPT code 97597 or 97598 is used. On using this for reimbursements there are no chances for denials for wound cares. We give particular support for treating wounds and recovering it in short time.

Software specialty

We use better softwares for making better services. Some of the softwares which we use are

  • Advanced MD
  • Health fusion
  • All scripts PM
  • Kareo
  • Athena collector
  • Nextgen
  • Bright tree
  • Medisoft
  • Neu MD
  • Epic

These are some of the softwares which we are using in our billing services.

Safest records

We provide better data security and electronic health records of patients. Every record can be accessed from online. The software which we provide has got username and password for protection. The entire patient record will be kept safe in our data security.

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