Collect all your Old Accounts Receivable in Just 90 Days

Accounts receivable mobilization and acquittal @24/7MBS

We 24/7 medical billing services are a group of adroit people with over a decade of experience in multi-specialty; multiplatform medical billing and coding had arrived with a new strategy for getting your account receivables.

Risk free 90days to cleanup on your Accounts Receivable

We are introducing a campaign for 90 days on accounts receivable for you guys to make use off. It is one of the unique things that you have ever heard. We are giving life to your pending account receivables. We make sure that you don’t even lose a penny on this.

Analysis from 1st to 4th weeks
  1. Payer
  2. Procedure
  3. Highest Dollar value patient
  4. Aging bucket

 What survey say’s

Let’s look into a survey that took place in the ultimate and pen-ultimate quarter of 2016

 Topic surveyed on
 4th quarter of 2016
3rd  Quarter of 2016
 Collection Effectiveness Index  84.70%  87.40%
 Days Sales Outstanding  40.51%  39.76%
 Best Possible DSO  30.67%  30.68%
 Average Days Delinquent  5.63%  4.24%
 Per Cent Current  84.84%  89.05%


Table 1.0 survey results

We see a difference of 4.5% in the last two quarters, so it will be possible to go up by another 5% in this quarter of 2017. So kindly come to us for scaling down your pending account receivables.

 Offers for you
  • We charge 10% on the total Collections for the claims in the range of 180-365 days.
  • 15% off on the total collection for the claims which are more than a year older.
 Things we concentrate on…
  • Detailed report on outstanding claims.
  • Patient balance is properly analyzed and rectified
  • Coding analysis for each claim
  • Solutions to current issues
 Transactions between us…
  • We need access to your current practice management systems
  • Login credentials of your insurance portal.
  • Update on client details
  • Billing owner / manager for weekly call
  • You can collect all pending claims
  • Payment based on collection made

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 You get paid we get paid

Why Choose 24/7 Medical Billing Services as your AR partner?

[/vc_column_text][themeone_spacer height=”20px”][themeone_ul][themeone_li licolor=”accent-color1″ anim=”swing” icon=”steadysets-icon-checkmark”]Extremely familiar with the current State and Federal insurance regulations[/themeone_li][themeone_li licolor=”accent-color1″ anim=”swing” icon=”steadysets-icon-checkmark”]Collected millions of untapped dollars when we took over new projects[/themeone_li][themeone_li licolor=”accent-color1″ anim=”swing” icon=”steadysets-icon-checkmark”]High rates of return from these follow-up efforts[/themeone_li][themeone_li licolor=”accent-color1″ anim=”swing” icon=”steadysets-icon-checkmark”]Our experts perform a consistent, thorough and detailed follow-up over 30 days[/themeone_li][themeone_li licolor=”accent-color1″ anim=”swing” icon=”steadysets-icon-checkmark”]All claims are tracked until paid[/themeone_li][themeone_li licolor=”accent-color1″ anim=”swing” icon=”steadysets-icon-checkmark”]Detailed weekly or monthly performance report[/themeone_li][themeone_li licolor=”accent-color1″ anim=”swing” icon=”steadysets-icon-checkmark”]Cater to special requirements of clients and generate customized reports[/themeone_li][/themeone_ul][/vc_column][/vc_row]