Pathology Billing Services

Pathology Billing Services

The branch of medical science which deals with the cause and effect theory of diseases by examining the body tissues can be the best support of modern medicine. With pathology as a branch in many medical industries they are earning at sky heights because, with the help of this department, medical industries can find either the cure or the origin of the diseases. The medical industry can get a wide income from pathology billing services which can be attained with some of the strategies. If your medical industry is in need of those strategies get connected with our medical billing. We have found some of the simple ways to make the billing services of pathology so easy. It is very hard to deal with every single risky task of pathology but our software has created a hassle-free and user-friendly environment to produce better bills and claims on time. The ICD-10 coding which we are using is based on two medicare parts of pathology which are A and B. Our coders have clearly developed the right product for making the billing stress free.

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ICD-10 codes

We are happy to share some of the ICD-10 codes with you and they are mentioned below

Code B96.5

This code is for pseudomonas as the main cause of disease.

Code D44.10

This code is for neoplasm of uncertain behavior in the adrenal gland in an unspecified manner.

Code D44.11

This code is for neoplasm of uncertain behavior in the right side of the adrenal gland.

Code D44.12

This code is for neoplasm of uncertain behavior in left side of adrenal gland.

Code C18.9

This code is for malignant neoplasm of colon in unspecified cases.

Code C22.0

This code is for liver cell carcinoma.

Code L92.8

This code is for other granulomatous disorders in the skin and in the subcutaneous tissue.  These are some of the codes which are used by our software. Our clients are really happy with such kind of detailed coding. For instance, let us take the coding from D44.10 to D44.12. It deals with the same adrenal gland but with many parts of the adrenal gland and such clear codings help medical staff to input the right bill statements and get clear reimbursements without any denials. This is how our software is designed to meet the necessary needs of the people.

Electronic data

  • We prefer to get on track of technology and store all our data in electronic storage
  • It is very preferable to connect our software with internet
  • Only authorized user can get connected worldwide with log in
  • It becomes too easy to stay connected with such useful software in online
  • Even we provide backup services for storing data in safe mode.

Why we are best?

  • Around the clock services
  • Better software in best prices
  • Accurate billings
  • Innovative technology and codes
  • Secured software
  • Trustworthy client support
  • Electronic data back up

Hands of experts

Just handle the medical billing services to us and start a stress free carrier because your bills are handled by experts who have experience in the field for more than 12 years. Don’t forget you are getting right amounts of quality for the money you are paying to our billing services. Get connected with our 24/7 medical billing services and enjoy the maximum benefits within short period of time.