Medical Billing Services in Florida (FL)

Medical Billing Services in Florida (FL)

Reimbursement rate in Florida is dipping steadily, majorly due to the unavailability of professional medical billers. We at 24/7 Medical Billing Services are a team of professional and experienced medical billers and coders in Florida (FL) eager to help healthcare service providers. We are not only proficient in decreasing denial rates and operational costs but are well-known for elevating revenue with our unparalleled services.

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Services offered in Florida:

  1. Medical billing services – Billing process starts with the patient’s appointment every time he/she visits in Florida. Further his/her medical eligibility and verification is also necessary and is duly scrutinized by our specialized team. We also verify patient’s insurance coverage and co-pay amount in advance, to eliminate future hindrances.
  2. Coding – Our specialized and certified coders take care of the latest coding patterns in line with the regulatory norms. Our certified auditors with their knowledge and experience help upgrade the revenue cycle management and eliminate any loopholes that may be present in the Medical Billing Services in Florida (FL) system. Across US, more than 10,000 medical practitioners have found our services more than satisfactory.
  3. Electronic claim submission –To save time and minimize cost, we use a faster approach and submit claims electronically. It gives the benefit of rapid notification of status and lets our team handle issues that may arise in the process immediately.
  4. Payment posting – Revenue is the most critical aspect for any business. So when you receive payment is an important factor to consider. We ensure that you receive your payments without any delay.
  5. Claim rejection analysis – Many healthcare providers do not take any action once a claim is rejected for the first time. This is largely because it is a very troublesome process to analyze the denial, find a solution and re-submit the claim. For all the healthcare service providers in Florida, we offer services that take away billing stress and allow you to focus on your practice.  We get started on denial analysis and re-submission of the claim almost immediately.

Apart from all these services, account receivable management, insurance credentialing and free consultation are also offered in Florida. If you are looking for someone to smoothly and efficiently run your business operation, then contact us. We have an excellent ratio of client satisfaction in Florida.

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