Orthopedic Billing Services

Orthopedic Billing Services


The human body consists of 206 bones, each requiring equal attention and maintenance. Interestingly, the billing process for the same is equally intricate and elaborate. Each one comes with a different billing code making the billing process extremely cumbersome.

Each and every bone is important for the proper functioning of the body. For getting treated for any bone-related ailment, it is important to have a proper billing system in place. This also ensures faster reimbursements from insurance providers. Quick reimbursements reduce the financial stress one goes through while seeking treatment for bone-related issues.

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We help those in the medical industry carry out each and Orthopedic billing Services related to bone treatments in a flawless manner. For proper billing, it is important that every single code is accurately mentioned. To make sure the billing is on the right track, we have proper ICD-10 coding that has helped our clients achieve a high level of efficiency in billing for their orthopedic department.

ICD-10 advantage:

  • ICD-10 coding has added 15,000 new codes
  • We employ advanced We help you cope up with new billings and bone displacements
  • Doctors get more time to focus on treating instead of billing the patients
  • Some of our top codings are specified below.

Code 29881

This code is to substitute long names of Arthroscopy, knee, surgical; with meniscectomy (medial OR lateral, including any meniscal shaving)

Code 29826

This code is for shoulder scope and bone shaving.

Code 26055

This code is for tendon sheath incision in bones.

All these terms are complicated to be incorporated into a simple bill. But they can be specified with the help of codes that are specified for each bone. So for instance when code 29826 is mentioned, then billing will be calculated for shoulder scope and bone shaving accordingly. With this technique, it becomes easy to calculate the bills of a patient without any stress or errors. Any mistake will put a big question mark on reimbursements and lead to denial. We have apt coders with good experience who can create a software system for you to work with such bills and avoid delays.

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