Medical Billing Services in Georgia (GA)

Medical Billing Services in Georgia (GA)

Our name itself suggests we are available 24X7 every single day for you in Georgia(GA) along with our team of medical billing services  expert that has ample knowledge and vast experience in the field of medical billing.  To provide premium care facilities to patients, healthcare providers in Georgia (GA) need a medical billing services partner who can focus on administrative and clinical work simultaneously. Precisely why, we have come up with solutions that will let healthcare providers concentrate on their core competency that is providing supreme care, without brooding over managerial work. Here are some of the many functions that our team performs to make your work streamlined.

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Patient appointments

Our 24/7 Medical Billing Services team will communicate with the patient from the very beginning till the end to avoid any missed or late or overbooked appointments and reduce chances of non-payment. This also reduces operational cost and increases productivity and revenue.

Billing and Coding

Medical coding is of utmost importance in claim processing. Minor errors may lead to your payments getting stuck for a long time. We take only the latest coding practices into consideration that are in compliance with the current regulatory norms. Up-to-date coding leads to low claim denials and reduced administrative cost. What’s more, our coders and auditors are CPC, CPC-P, CPC-H, CPM, CPMA, CPCO, CIC and COC certified in line with ICD-10 coding. Some of our specialties include Cardiology, Internal medicine, and Ambulance billing.

Quality review

With our billers at your service, you won’t need to worry about quality verification. We have a team for quality review that strictly goes through each and every step of the review process to eliminate even minor errors. Since we all know that healthcare providers in Georgia take care of every aspect of healthcare right from seeing a patient to getting the payment, we strive to reduce their workload. To improve our own performance day after day, we have a benchmark of 98% with cardiology, nephrology and the like. This immediately draws our attention to a particular problem and allows us to concentrate on finding a solution without causing any complication or delay in routine work.

We also offer services like account receivable follow-up, claim submission/rejection and medical eligibility/verification etc. Allow us improve your financial as well as clinical performance. Our expert billers will reduce your burden and give you the time to make strategic decisions for the benefit of your patients. We at 24/7 Medical Billing Services are equipped with over 12 years of experience.

Let us make your work a little less complicated and remove unnecessary errors from everyday work.

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