Anesthesia Billing Services

Anesthesia Billing Services

Is your current anesthesia billing services not up to expectations? Do the billing reports and filings lack precision? Well, this is a common problem faced by healthcare facilities and anesthesiologists. Among all, medical specialty billing for anesthesia poses unique challenges given the complexities involved that include time unit calculators, concurrency, and medical direction. It is a known fact that anesthesia is the only drug used to relieve patients from pain and without it, many a medical operation would be impossible.  This drug is one of the most important scientific developments ever and accurate billing of the same is equally important. Due to delays and denials, anesthesiologists lose about half of their revenue that can lead to a major setback in productivity.

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Why is billing for Anesthesia so complex?    

Anesthesia billing is one of the most challenging aspects of medical billing and must be handled by professionals who have relevant expertise. Every minute detail is noted in this kind of billing. For instance, the amount of anesthesia given to the patient hugely matters and needs to be noted in the claim to stay away from denials. Proper usage of modifiers also plays a crucial role. Anesthesia is given to patients for various reasons – during operations, on injuries, for mental disorders, etc. To get the right reimbursement without any errors and delays, it is necessary to have an expert anesthesia billing service provider.

How can we help you?

The best way to deal with such complexities is to let a professional handle them. An expert in anesthesia billing can maintain your billing system according to standards with regular cash flows. Outsourcing your Anesthesia Billing to 24/7 Medical Billing Services is a smart step towards efficient billing practices. From the epidural injection to premedication administration and even time-based visits, our team of billing experts will manage all your billing needs efficiently. We not only remove the stress of ensuring proper billing but also guarantee an increase in revenue. 24/7 Medical Billing Services also develops reports that help you gain multiple perspectives on your medical practice.

Why 24/7 Medical Billing Services is perfect for outsourcing your anesthesia billing?

Our objective is to lower your infrastructure costs and obtain maximum reimbursements with zero claim rejections. We consistently monitor claim submission, coding A/R Management, payer fee schedule changes, and patient billing to make the entire billing process smooth and error-free. 24/7 Medical Billing Services expertise in anesthesia billing has supported various anesthesiologists across the United States in boosting their revenues. We use high-end technology updated software to support these Anesthesia billing services which are embedded with the latest version of ICD-10 codes.  With proper software and usage of the right terms, we aim to raise the standards of your operations. Now you no longer have to worry about scrubbing claims or managing denials. Leave your anesthesia billing to us, and focus on your medical practice. Contact us now to know how we can serve you better when it comes to anesthesia billing.