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Accounts Receivable Follow Up

Revenue flow plays a critical role in growing the business, and that’s the reason many healthcare providers struggle with the challenges of implementing an effective account receivable process to collect the untapped dollars. We understand the pain of account receivable process and how much effort and time it requires. Therefore, our specialized account receivable team helps you save your valuable time, keeping your focus on patient care and building your core business.

We at 24/7 Medical billing Services runs behind every dollar and check with insurance companies for outstanding claims through AR calling over 30 days. Our team has a proven process and extensive experience for effective insurance processing, timely collection and follow-up. The result is shortened revenue cycle and improved revenue flow.

We ensure for:

  • Increase in around 10% to 20% revenue
  • Improve in cash Flow
  • Reduce outstanding receivables
  • Increased collection ratio

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Our Account Receivable Follow up covers following process:

  • Calling
  • Collections
  • Denial Management
  • Account Follow-up
  • Monthly Reporting with Financial Summary
  • Rejections, Denial & AR reports

Why Choose 24/7 Medical Billing Services as your AR partner?

  • Extremely familiar with the current State and Federal insurance regulations
  • Collected millions of untapped dollars when we took over new projects
  • High rates of return from these follow-up efforts
  • Our experts perform a consistent, thorough and detailed follow-up over 30 days
  • All claims are tracked until paid
  • Detailed weekly or monthly performance report
  • Cater to special requirements of clients and generate customized reports