3 Common Challenges with Neurology Billing

Neurology medical billing can be demanding and time-consuming, frequently leading to roadblocks. For example, more than half of neurologists report being overwhelmed by updates to neurology medical billing procedures and making changes in response to new patient requests. Because there is widespread misunderstanding about insurance obligations, challenging a neurology medical bill is common. Furthermore, these patients are frequently from low-income families and may have a history of neurology medical billing challenges. While neurology billing companies can significantly increase payment amounts and speed, neurologists should be aware of common billing pitfalls.  

Here are some of the most common neurology medical billing challenges that neurologists face today-

Filing Multiple Claims & Coding Errors

Depending on your neurology services, you could be required to file thousands of claims per week. Because some neurology billers lack the technology to process multiple claims at once, this workload frequently necessitates filing each one individually. The lack of a mass filing option causes delays and significantly slows the neurology billing process.

Further, even though computer-assisted coding (CAC) is replacing a significant portion of coding, human coders continue to make up a sizable portion of the workforce. As a result, errors such as typos frequently result in claim denials. These errors are more common when neurology coding in a changing regulatory environment. And Covid-19 has introduced a new set of neurology coding challenges that have resulted in significant changes.

Laws Regarding Confidentiality

Privacy is essential in neurology medical billing and coding, and laws like HIPPA have been put in place to protect personal health information. Unfortunately, complying with these rules takes a significant amount of time and effort.

HIPPA and most privacy laws, like any other regulation, are subject to change. As a result, neurology medical billers and coders must be aware of these changes to avoid heavy penalties.

That’s why you need a professional medical billing and coding company to streamline neurology medical billing if you struggle with billing, collection, and management. Their expert team of neurology medical billers ensures that you receive the fastest reimbursement possible while also improving your practice’s performance.

High Training Requirements

An effective neurology medical coder must be familiar with critical electronic systems such as EMR and EHR. These systems make digital documentation of a patient’s medical records available. EMR can only access data from one provider, whereas EHR can access data from multiple providers. Before receiving incentive payments, some programs, such as Medicaid, require EHR.

Both EHR and EMR require extensive training to operate. Third-party support’s effectiveness is also limited by its efficiency.

Neurology medical coders and billers must also renew their licenses every two years. This renewal may require extensive study because changing regulations necessitate re-familiarization with the most recent updates.

Why Should Your Neurology and Neurosurgery Practice Outsource Medical Billing and Coding Services?

With as many as one-third of all Americans developing a brain or neurological disorder during their lifetime, your work as a neurologist is critical—and complex. Neurologists and neurosurgeons treat various conditions, from epilepsy and dementia to spinal injuries and cancer. Neurology medical billing and coding are both complicated and time-consuming tasks.

You need to gain an outsourcing neurology billing and coding company who can help you to maximize your revenue while streamlining your neurology practice. So what are you waiting for? Call the neurology billers and coders of 24/7 Medical Billing Services to deal with the common neurology billing challenges effectively. 

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