3 Factors that affect Revenue for your Radiology Billing

Revenue Cycle Management is a technological tool that assists in clinical and administrative functions to record and organize patient claims, including denials and collected payments for radiology services. If this system malfunctions, it would lead to incorrect radiology billing, which will tarnish your practice’s reputation and hamper patient’s healthcare experience.

Therefore, an efficient and healthy medical RCM system is crucial in building unbreakable bonds with patients and providing them a memorable healthcare experience. Moreover, accurate radiology billing and coding can make managing your medical revenue cycle easier while providing excellent patient care services.

24/7 Medical Billing Services is well aware of the fact that accurate medical coding and documentation is the key to a quality revenue cycle management system. Being one of the top outsourced radiology medical billing companies, our responsibility is to educate individual healthcare practitioners and providers on each aspect of radiology medical billing and coding.

Here are the three factors that can impact the front end and the middle procedure of the medical revenue cycle:

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  1. Incomplete Patient Information

The radiology medical billing starts right with the first encounter between the patient and the healthcare provider. Ensure that your staff gathers all the patient information correctly with every minute detail to ensure smooth and accurate billing. Collecting the patient information accurately at the very beginning can prevent your practice from every kind of patient redundancies and delays in claim rejections and reimbursements. If the demographic or required health insurance information is incomplete or recorded incorrectly, it would generally occupy much of your practice time to correct the mistake and get reimbursements.

2. Manual Record Keeping

As radiology medical billing and coding is relatively more complicated than it seems to be, it is pretty understandable why there are numerous billing and coding issues. Amidst all such problems and complexities, some healthcare providers still manually enter the patient details for claims and denials, leaving room for several errors. If you implement automated radiology medical billing and claims processes for your practice, such errors could be avoided while having an efficient billing system that can streamline your patient care services. You can also opt for outsourcing radiology medical billing services to increase your revenues if automation adds another hurdle for your practice.

3. Inaccurate Medical Coding

Did you know? Your quality patient care is highly dependent on your accurate radiology medical documentation and coding. But inaccurate radiology medical coding is one of the most common radiology billing errors impacting your practice revenue adversely. Moreover, improper radiology coding can adversely affect you and your patients, leading to mistreatment for the patients, claim denials, and many more such concerns. All these challenges can easily be avoided with the help of a reputed, highly trained, and certified radiology medical billing and coding company.

Undoubtedly, your higher health officials are often burdened with the duty of supervising the entries that are made for ensuring the quality reports before they are submitted for the claims. Let 24/7 Medical Billing Services facilitate this process for you by providing a dedicated radiology medical coding and billing specialist in charge. Such specialists will ensure you with proactive, efficient, and quality measures for your radiology billing process. If you also need to enhance your current RCM system while providing excellent patient healthcare services, 24/7 Medical Billing Services is the best outsource radiology billing partner. With their expertise and experience, you can increase your radiology revenue cycle and maintain a healthy financial system.

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