5 Reasons Why you should Outsource your DME Billing Services

If you don’t have access to skilled coders and billers, DME billing can give you nightmares. However, by outsourcing your billing needs to a reliable third party, you can save time and money and grow your DME business like never before.

Here are top five reasons why outsourcing your DME billing is a good idea:

  1. Given the changes in regulations by federal agencies and payers, DME billing is already a daunting task. In order to get timely payments, it is very important that all billing and coding procedures are being followed as per the guidelines. From the comprehensive procedure of authorization to eligibility verification, there is a lot that goes into getting claims paid on time. When you outsource, you will get access to an expert team who can handle all this for your business with ease.
  2. Error -free billing needs good understanding of Medicaid, Medicare and commercial plan rules. Reputed billing companies have billers and coders who are well aware of these rules and also stay abreast with industry changes. They follow coding as well as documentation prerequisites that make DME billing very complex.
  3. More savings and increased revenue are also the reasons why DME billing should be outsourced. Since you will be letting a third party handle billing and coding, there is no need to hire in-house staff or invest in infrastructure and technology. This will save you a lot of money. Secondly, a dedicated team will be handling your claims which means, you can be assured of timely payments.
  4. Enhanced safety is another benefit why outsourcing is a good idea. If you have chosen a reliable company, you will get to enjoy transparent billing process. The company will have HIPAA-compliant, 100% secure billing procedure for safeguarding you against hacking attempts. Your data will be kept confidential at all times too.
  5. Since DME billing rules and regulations keep changing, it is important to have expert billers who stay abreast with the changes. A good medical billing company will have billers who will keep up with all the changes and stay up-to-date with everything. This will free your time for other operational tasks. Certified billing companies also make sure that they comply with healthcare laws such as HIPAA when offering their services. They also handle A/R collections and denial management to help their clients grow.

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