A Guide on Neurology Billing Services

Every medical practice has different needs and approaches to medical coding and billing. Neurologists constantly deal with complex neurological conditions and diseases such as epilepsy treatment and lumbar puncture procedures to managing chronic pain and many others. So, a neurology billing company needs to maintain their medical efficiency, effectiveness along with providing their patients with the care they are meant to give. Neurology medical billing is indeed complex and complicated field with complete specific, complex codes connected to every diagnostic service and treatment available. Neurology medical billing companies need to focus on offering deep, organized, and accurate billing & coding services to avoid inadequate billing.

Medical billing and coding companies work in the medical records billing departments of neurology clinics, practices. They help in setting up billing and reimbursement from health insurance companies for providing neurology services, by implementing their expertise in neurology billing. All expert medical billers and coders, act as the primary connection between medical practices of the neurologists and various insurance companies of patients, to assist with managing insurance claims and guarantee accurate and end-to-end reimbursement for care to the healthcare providers.

Neurology medical coders and billers have a deep process for recording, coding, and processing the healthcare services provided, diagnosis made, care given for patients by neurologists; and then they create and send invoices or claims for payment to the related insurance companies. They usually track payments and follow up with patients and insurance companies regarding any debts or payments that are pending. Foremostly, the neurology billing companies help in correcting any rejected claims and resubmit those claims if required.

Neurology specific medical billing services

Medical billing and coding companies can work in both in-house environments and remote locations. When you decide to outsource your neurology medical billing services, the teams will be often remote. While companies don’t interfere directly in the neurologists’ clinical work with patients, they help physicians who make sure the care plans and prescriptions (if any) that they prescribe to their patients are crystal clear for the accurate coding required for payment from insurance companies. Medical billing & coding companies can also communicate with patients about overall costs and patient responsibility for any overages which are not covered by insurance.

While a medical billing company is providing services for various niches of the healthcare industry, they need to be specialized in the neurology field. Having a contract with a specialized medical billing company with neurological experience is the best way to establish the most efficient billing and coding processes for your practice.

24/7 Medical Billing Services for Your Neurology Practice

Now here is your chance to benefit from neurology billing services that seamlessly fit all of the peculiarities and uniqueness of your practice. 24/7 Medical Billing Services can take charge of ensuring the processes are converted to codes accurately and sent to the insurance company within time. With 24/7 Medical Billing Services, you don’t have to stress up with following up with the insurance company to remind them of schedules. That’s our job! You can rely on us for frequent claim denials.

We work hard to care for the peripheral and autonomic nervous systems of your patients can be really daunting. Our team is specialized in eliminating the need to worry about denied claims. We take good care to make sure you won’t face any issues with your billing. Everything we do at 24/7 Medical Billing Services is completely transparent so you have a better financial infrastructure.

Guide to our process to neurology medical billing services

Eligibility Verification

After you hire us for medical billing services, we begin our process with a deep questionnaire. We understand how you attend to your patients, your insurance, finances, and payment options.


We have a dedicated team of coders, project, and account managers to help you with the smoother transition of operations to our services. After each interaction with a client, our coders help you convert the diagnosis or treatment into the related neurology billing and modifiers codes.

Billing Services

We record all of the codes into our software and date them properly. All the needed information is added to bills to prepare them for submission as a claim to the insurance company.


Before we dispatch any claims to the insurance company, we make sure that they abide by all of the guidelines and are HIPAA compliant. We also take care of the codes if they are matching and there are no errors.

Denial Management

If a certain claim comes from the insurance company without fulfilling it, we check it again for the documentation and decide on the necessary steps to be taken.

Final Claims Submission

We send the claims back to the insurance company or payer after the final corrections have been made to verify and reimburse you for your services.

Our services are for a wide range of sub-classifications in neurology

You can rely on us for every aspect of the neurology practice that we can handle. Some of our specialized neurology medical billing services are:

  • Behavioral
  • Chemodenervation
  • Clinical neurophysiology
  • Interventional
  • Nerve blocks
  • Neuroimmunology
  • Neuromuscular
  • Neurorehabilitation
  • Pain management
  • Vascular

Do you need unique billing services for the neurology treatments you offer? Are you ready to optimize your practice costs by 50%?

Meet the team of neurology medical billing experts at 24/7 Medical Billing Services.

To learn more about how 24/7 Medical Billing Services can help you with your neurology medical billing, please refer to our website: https://www.247medicalbillingservices.com/  

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