Best Medical Billing and Coding Procedures for Cardiologists

There have been a few recent advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiology practice and therefore physicians need to be extremely vigilant and focus on core medical functions to give improved patient care. One more important area of focus is medical coding and billing process to ensure timely reimbursement so the revenue cycle can be managed more efficiently.

Importance of Managing Cardiology Billing functions smoothly:

For a smooth billing and coding Process it is essential to cope up with the denials and meet the advanced cardiac care standards. The biggest drawback is, physicians have hardly and time and resources to manage Cardiology billing and coding functions effectively. This can affect the revenue generation, patient inflow and referrals and much more. So, outsourcing the medical billing process to certified coders and billers who specialize in cardiology billing can work miraculously for smooth income flow as they are tech savvy, experienced about the Cardiology procedures, provide error free billing services and work enthusiastically to improve medical billing reimbursements.

Outsource to offshore Service providers for impeccable benefits:

Cardiology practice or specialty consists of many diagnostics and procedural services and it is vital to get convincing and accurate documentation of these procedures. Cardiology codes, compliance standards and several billing rules need to be executed under the vigilance of experts for the specialty to get maximum benefits. Customized services for your practice will be equally beneficial offered by them.

Outsourcing your medical billing process to skilled offshore and renowned medical billing company can be extremely fruitful to cut down on operating costs by 40 to 50 percent and the practice can benefit from lower denials. Some fully integrated service for cardiologists include the following:

  • Demographic entry
  • Checking the codes and analyzing them
  • Patient scheduling and charge entry
  • Collections Management
  • Authorization and verification of insurance
  • AR follow up and a lot more

Criticality of codes in cardiology billing are handled perfectly by billing experts:

With the integrated services offered by a renowned medical billing company will result in accurate submission of claims for diverse procedures performed by the cardiologists like, peripheral vascular procedures, heart catheterization, pacemakers, coronary interventions, catheter-based ablation procedures, radionuclide angiography, etc.

The experts also understand CPT, ICD9, ASCs and the HPCS codes and other codes like 93503, 93451, 93456 and many more that cannot be combined with the modifiers 51. Moreover, they understand that using a single code cardiologists need to report the most non congenital procedures while billing. The billing experts also have the proficiency to use the medical billing software that is used for cardiology billing. The advantages of outsourcing your billing process to expert billers and coders will include the following services:

  • Quick submission of bills
  • Error free coding
  • Less number of denials
  • Less number of AR’s and if any, timely AR follow up is performed
  • Consistent research on coding regulations and changes for better reimbursements
  • Finding reasons for denied claims and working on it strictly
  • Implementation of appropriate modifiers to get reimbursement of denied claims
  • 100% HIPPA compliance
  • Monthly and weekly reporting

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