Bringing the revenue cycle management to front desk

In the field of revenue cycle management the health care given to the patients is the ultimate aim to benefit the clinicians and also the patients.  The financial responsibility of the patients keeps increasing because of the care given by the health care providers. The health care providers are shifting their focus towards providing the best to the people in regard with the care and also the payment for the care. Much number of hospitals is taking much care on patients as they want to fulfill their duties and also to increase the collections. Therefore they try all the possibilities to mainly focus on health care management.

Point of sales for collection

The hospitals that see a great increase in the patient collection share their success as changing the back end administration regarding collections to the front end. This makes sure that they could establish the point of sales for collections that makes easy for them to increases collections and also it seems easier for the patients also. As far as the collections are administered in the back end it increased the cost for the hospital whereas if they bring it to front end, they could reduce the cost incurred but they could increase the collection. Therefore hospitals find this as best for revenue cycle management.

Achieving the goals

Each hospital will have some goals regarding the revenue cycle management which can be easily achievable by bringing the revenue cycle management to the front end. The point of sales makes a great impact in revenue cycle management and it seems the best for increasing the collections by walk in visits and other easy options. It is simpler for the hospital to bring the revenue cycle management to the front end. They don’t have to face any complications but the outcome will be beneficial for sure. Hospitals may try different strategies to increase the collections but at present, bringing the revenue cycle management to the front desk and increasing the point of sales is the best strategy.

Paying at the nearest point

Access to the patients regarding the payment is one of the most important aspects of increasing the collections. The hospitals have to make it easy for them to reach the patients regarding payment and also for the patients to reach the hospital easily for the same reason. The point of sales is easy for the patients to make sure that they could pay to the nearest point. This reduces the inefficient payments.

Change needed

The chief of the revenue cycle management of the hospitals say that the change is needed in all the hospitals regarding collecting the payments from the patients.  The knowledge gap in revenue cycle management should be bridged and the responsibilities of each person in the revenue cycle management have to be understood. Educating the importance of taking and carrying the responsibilities is more important. If the revenue cycle management is brought to the front desk, the patient need not pay when they have arrived for getting serviced. They can first receive the service and then payment can be made later on any of the point of sales.

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