Are Chiropractic Billing Issues Impacting Your Bottom Line?

Every chiropractor will agree that exploring as well as examining unpaid or denied claims is one of the most exasperating processes. Income loss due to minor or even major Medical Billing issues can be a huge blow to any hard working chiropractor. It becomes necessary to close the gaps and streamline the revenue cycle in order to get paid for rendered services.

From giving personal attention to treatment, diagnostic codes and patient data to staying abreast with changes in insurance regulations and billing guidelines, there is a lot that goes into getting paid on time and running a profitable chiropractic practice. Some of the red flags that commonly occur for chiropractic billing are- failure to demonstrate medical necessity, down-coding that disrupts the expected billing distribution pattern, performing tests not identified by CPT codes, conducting tests that aren’t performed commonly, using complex CPT codes for describing routine care and so on.

Chiropractic Billing
Chiropractic Billing

Have you been pondering over changing your Medical Billing staff? Do you want to get a dedicated team of billers on board for full and timely payments? If yes, then 24/7 Medical Billing Services has an offer you can’t resist. It has come up with an exciting offer for chiropractors wherein chiropractic practices can avail 1-month free billing services.

With this exclusive offer, the company intends on helping chiropractors improve claims and collections and get an edge over competition. 24/7 Medical Billing Services has a team of experienced and professional billers and coders who are aware of chiropractic billing issues. They make use of the latest tools and technologies to streamline revenue cycles and help practices earn more.

Chiropractors across the US are again finding their services under scrutiny from Medicare investigators and contractors. The need for submitting clean claims has increased if practices wish to avoid intensive scrutiny or denials. Through this offer, chiropractors can expect to boost revenue by 30% and reduce their operational costs by 50%.

From 98% clean claims submission and less than 5% on denials to daily claims status reporting and timely collections, this offer will help chiropractors get their Revenue Cycle Management back on track.

A dedicated team will be appointed to the practice that will be taking care of every aspect of the revenue cycle. Not only timely payments but the team will also assist the practice in identifying issues in their revenue cycle and the right solutions to overcome those problems.

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