Code Verification Review Requirement for Articulating Digit(s) and Prosthetic Hands

On November 11, 2021, the DME MACs published an announcement on the coding guidance regarding the terminal devices upper extremity. The new announcement edited the previous guidance on the use of L6881 that was provided in November 2019. It was the auto grasp feature. The addition done to the L6881 automatic grasp feature made an addition to the electronic upper limb prosthetic terminal device. It unbundled the revision, including L6882 and the controlling microprocessor feature. Let’s know about Code Verification Review Requirement for Articulating Digit(s) and Prosthetic Hands.

What does This Mean?

The joint DME MAC publication and PDAC Article mean the claims will be effective for services dated on and after January 1, 2022. The new code verification review also means the products that can be billed under the HCPCS (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System) Codes are:

•           L6715 – terminal device

–           Multiple articulation digits

–           Includes motor(s)

–           Initial issue or replacement

•           L6880 – electric hand,

–           switch or myoelectric controlled,

–           Independently articulating digits

–           Any grasp pattern

–           Combination of grasp patterns

These two and the variations under it have received the reviewed code verification for articulating Digit(s) and prosthetic hands, which is mandatory while undertaking medical billing and coding. The further details are listed in the PDAC (Pricing, Data Analysis, and Coding) of the PCL (Product Classification List) contractor website.

It was also mandatory for the manufacturers who have these products and are under these categories to submit the products to verify the coding by August 31, 2021.

Manufacturers were asked to visit the PDCA website to get the coding verification review application. The process was easy to assist the suppliers and manufacturers with the correct coding. The revised announcement made it mandatory code verification by the PDCA contractor for the DME MACs (Durable Medical Equipment Medicare Administrative Contractors) for the upper extremity devices to qualify for the HCPCS codes.

Furthermore, it was established that the only authority to have the ability to verify the HCPCS Level II Coding Guidelines was CMS and the DME MACs. This factor was specified in Chapter 3, Section 3, 3.B, and 3, 6, 2.4 for the Medicare claims in the Centres for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) Program Integrity Manual, published 100-08. In the manual, it has been stated that the CMS has the authority to manage and assign the HCPCS codes by creating, changing the code narrative, and deleting it under 42 CFR § 414.40 and 45 CFR § 162.1002.

Any facility needing additional information on the billing and coding of HCPCS codes related to L6715 and L6880 can look up the publication Correct Coding – Articulating Digit(s) and Prosthetic Hands – Revised. The edition was published in October 2019 and is a joint DME MAC publication. It is available on both PDAC and DME MAC websites.

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