Color Bands Into Medical Industry For Understanding The Situations Of The Patients

The medical industry cannot give complete attention to all patients who are approaching them from accidents or other emergency situations. To help the patients and medical industry on the same time, the color bands are the one accurate solution which people can follow up for making everything really amazing. It is time for people to start using the color bands to indicate the emergency of the situation.

No need to take history

When the color bands are used on the wrists of the patients it can tell a lot about patient and there is no need of sudden and rushing take up of patient history. At emergency times, most of the medical industry cannot proceed with treatment because the medical history of the patient cannot be diagnosed or analyzed. To make thing so simple and easy, the medical industry has come with a better solution like color codes which has to get reached in the nook and corner of the healthcare.

Using color coding

The color coding at present days has got 4 types of colors in which are

  • Red
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Yellow

Red is to indicate the patient is in immediate need of medical treatment and do not resuscitate. Purple color patients are allergy to latex whereas the blue ones have got some of the allergy conditions and yellow colored bands are to indicate that restricted extremity of the patient. In such a manner the color codes are making the doctors to read everything without delay. Nearly 2 lakh patients die around due to delay of treatment and unknown conditions of the patient. To help with such kind of situations the color wrist bands are the best ones.

Even during disasters

During disaster management, the color bands are the apt ones to indicate the immediate necessity for treatments. The color bands are healthy and made of up materials which will not bring any harm on the skin of the patients. If your medical industry is planning on taking a band for indicating the emergency of the patient then make sure they are MRI safe ones. The metal free ones should be used because metal detections will cause interruption in MRI scans. So make sure you are arranging the right kind of band for dealing with conditions of patients.

On calculated risk

The 4 colors are now in prevalence and other colors can get into the medical industry based on the need which is given for it. Both the patients and medical industry must combine together for the wellness of the patients to make sure everything is completely taken care of. Most of the patients die in disaster and emergency situations due to the improper or nil treatments given to them. To help the patients, even the emergency team has to come up with such kind of codes and color bands to identify the problems as soon as possible and provide proper treatments without delay of time. With the improved technology and resources it can become easy to use codes as wristbands.

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