Common DME Billing issues that blocks your revenue


Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Billing is quite complicated if you do not follow the proper coding, documentation, claims filing, and communication barriers. Depending on these factors, your DME Billing reimbursements are depended up on. Like how maximum revenue generation is possible in DME billing, at the same time, experiencing high rate of denials due to simple and complex reasons is also possible. Through this blog, we would like to highlight the common and top 3 challenges that practices could face in their DME billing, for everyone’s knowledge and to deal with them prior to affecting your business.

 DME Billing
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Challenges in DME billing that stop you from generating revenue:

Insufficient documents

Statistical reports say that just due to incorrect/insufficient documents, $2.6 billion of amount has been rejected out of the total amount of $3.2 billion in the Medicare Trust Fund. Documentation being the primary havoc for DME billing and collection process, it is ideal to properly maintain and submit documents related to patients. Carelessness or even a small mistake can lead to claim denial and waste of time and money. This can impact your revenue generation extremely high.

Errors in DME coding

In a survey report released by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), the top coding challenges encountered by healthcare provider are applying the seventh character for trauma and fracture codes and using procedure codes inappropriately. Now apart from these two, it adds even issues such as improper usage of guidance tools, incorrectly identifying respiratory failure, and performing insufficiency in documenting devices, components, and grafting materials and more. Therefore, improper codes can be another strong reason for claim denials, leading to inconsistency in DME billing process.

Managing claims

When claims submission is one mega chapter of the DME billing process, claims management is another crucial process. Your job does not end after submitting claims; it requires regular follow-ups with the insurer in order to check whether there are any discrepancies or how many claims are about to settle so that you can plan your further months. Added to managing claims, DME billing companies do also have other challenges such as inexperienced billers and coders, complex pre-authorisation process, and lack of using software.


Being a DME Supplier/Billing company, you should be aware and always prepared about the constant changes in DME Billing codes and procedures. Therefore considering the complexity involved in DME billing process, outsourcing would be the best and ideal solution.

If you think of the advantages you might receive due to DME billing outsourcing, you get the following:

  • Increased revenues
  • More control on operations
  • Extended customer service
  • Maintaining HIPAA compliance patient data safety
  • Being updated on changing regulations
  • Spend more time for patients

If you are looking to outsourcing your DME Medical Billing process, choose the best outsourcing partner that can deliver excellence in every aspect. 24/7 Medical Billing Services is one of the leading DME medical billing and coding companies with more than a decade experience in the industry, serving many DME suppliers, medical billing companies, many medical practices, individual practitioners, etc. 24/7 Medical Billing Services provide a wide range of services and especially, for DME Billing, they are the first company to introduce DME Medical Billing Outsourcing at just$8 per hour. Check out ( for more details.


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