Effective Coding Tips for Urology Billing Services

Like many other practices in the medical field, urology practice has a complicated medical billing and coding process. The already complex process became more challenging when the CPT codes were changed, and ICD-10 was implemented. The new rules and regulations now require urology coding to navigate an arduous path to get paid for the services they have provided. In urology, getting payment becomes harder with the complexity in rules. That’s why it is important for every urology practice to ensure accurate and timely urology billing and coding to enhance reimbursement rates.

Tips for Effective Coding For Urology Billing

As mentioned in the above section, coding is vital in warranting a successful claim in urology billing and coding. The urology coder must follow the correct coding guidelines keeping in mind the new ICD-10 codes. The coder also needs to assign the diagnosis code of the highest specificity level. There are several ways the urology coding department can take care of the coding process and make it effective for enhanced reimbursement. These are as follows:

  • Staying On Top Of the Changes

Undoubtedly, CPT codes have been deleted, revised, and added by the ICT-10. But simultaneously, these are the not only changes that occur when it comes to urology coding. The medical billing and coding governing bodies, the federal and state medical boards, and insurance companies keep updating the coding rules and regulations regarding reimbursement. The urology coding staffs needs to be aware of them and apply those changes to ensure successful claims.

  • Learn the Acronyms

In many cases, the physician uses different acronyms during their diagnosis and enters them in the patient’s charts. For instance, the physician uses the acronym PIN, whereby PIN stands for prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia. Thereby, the coding team needs to familiarize themselves with such terminology and should use code N42.31 representing these services to get the claim.

It means that there are chances that the coder might enter the wrong code or waste time in finding the meaning of the acronym to enter the correct code. Therefore, it is essential that the urology coders must be well aware of the most used acronyms to ensure correct coding and fast turnaround time with the billing.

  • Regular Compliance Audit

Every healthcare practice, including urology, must follow the compliance guidelines along with staying update of the standardized codes. Such knowledge is essential to interpret the clinical documents and mention the codes accurately. Furthermore, regular coding compliance audits must be conducted to ensure that the work adheres as per the updated regulations and guidelines to perform the task of coding correctly. This entire process will help your urology practice to streamline your revenue cycle by reducing claim denials.

  • Tracking Denials & Rejections

Are you facing any issue with your reimbursements for the urology services provided suddenly? Is there a sudden surge in your claim denials and rejections? If the answer is Yes! There is a need to have a look at the coding changes happening frequently quickly in the urology industry. The urology coders are required to check the causes every time there is a claim denial or rejection. Once you identify the reasons, you can adjust the urology coding and billing procedures to thwart future denials.

  • Patient-Friendly Billing Statements

The billing process is complex for most patients, and understanding the codes and modifiers can be challenging. There has been a shift in converting everything patient-friendly that includes developing a urology billing statement easily understandable by the patients. It allows them to approach for their service with the queries, helping the practice to improve the coding system. The onus is on the urology coding and billing services to equip themselves on ways to stay accessible to patients with the accurate coding procedures.

Moreover, patient interactions must constantly be enhanced within a urology practice, essential for the best urology coding. Your coders should also work collaboratively with the patients for confirming their insurance details, outlining policies, and accurately submit the claims to enhance the reimbursement. Thereby, patients can evaluate whether surgeries and treatments fit within their budget and are covered by their health insurance before availing such services.

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Regular updating of the bills, going through the rejection or claim denials, submitting them on time, and working out the reasons for claims are few of the steps to ensure proper and successful reimbursement. But to do that, all you need is to have a dedicated urology billing and coding staff for your practice who can take care of all these without any fail.

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