ERA Payment Posting Made Even Easier plus Additional Improvements

As the technology is blooming in various aspects that leads the manual work into smarter way than early hard works. Such kinds of plans have been introduced in ERA payment for making the user and the client feel different. The newly realized version has some most updated features which boosts the usage of ERA in many billing services. Let us take a look at what are the new features added in ERA

What is ERA?

It is abbreviated as Electronic Remittance Advice and it is a just for billing purposes which will be supplied to both the patient and other insurance company which the billing services had tied up with. This form was introduced to make the manual work into a more computerized one. Recently the ERA payments have been launched with new features. They are simply for making the work more understandable and convenient for a medical insurance provider.

Added features

Tax column

Within the ERA there is a column for professional tax column which is deducted within the concern’s network. This feature has become editable one in the new enhanced ERA.

Insurance amount

The insurance amount column can also be editable according to the needs provided by the insurance service provider.

Payment in a split

Payment has been divided into two columns called as


Allocation is for the patient’s payments and it can also be called as write off. The amount which is mentioned in the allocation column should be completely paid by the patient.


It is the amount which can be provided by the insurance service provider. This amount will be sanctioned only after claiming the reimbursement of patient’s medical service.

On adding both these columns the difference between allocated amount and the payment amount can be seen immediately.

Bringing these kinds of advanced feature can help the billing person as well as the patient and insurance service provider to understand all the details given in ERA.

Other improvements

Now your medical service provider can upload more and more data in your file. Initially it was 5 megabyte now it has been moved to 10 megabyte increasing the space for storing all the information of a patient.

This feature has been added because a patient can come to the medical advisor to many times in a year. So that should be efficiently managed and every data is important for getting maximum claim from the insurance service providers.


When there is advancement in any field it is only for rectifying the errors which were previously built in it. When the advancement is made everything which was tough would be made easy. Likewise the advancement in this ERA payment postings have also lead the medical industry into a deep revolution.

The improved version provides more and more user friendly environment and has got all the necessary details which will be asked for more clarification from the insurance service provider. Moreover this feature is ERA can reduce the Reclaiming and rejections into a lower level.

Real time patient reminder update can alert the healthcare industry about the appointments allotted for their patients and treat them with proper care and concern.

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