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Revenue cycle management in dermatology plays a role more than just a medical billing process. Your RCM should be more effective since it administers the entire processes that impact your bottom line. Right from patient contact till paid account balances and everything that comes in between. Dermatology Medical Billing Service is a continuous process where your dermatology practice begins with a patient visit till you get into a stage of no-pending reimbursements from your insurer.

Dermatology being considered cosmic and therefore costly, and as a dermatology practice owner, you should find your own ways of enhancing your revenue without hiking the present costs to your dermatology medical billing.

Thinking big ideally works for dermatology medical practice

Like other healthcare specializations, dermatology practices may not show resistance to vulnerable economic conditions. Therefore, it is good and also a need for dermatology practitioners to focus on predicting and preparing for a drop in collections and reduced revenue at any point.

The more amount of time you spend on managing your revenue management cycle, the less you tend to spend in your practice, losing energy and focus on caring for your patients.

Why should you outsource your dermatology billing to an expert?

If you outsource your dermatology billing to an expert medical billing company, it will help you increase your revenue by 20%–30%, expand your profitability, and extensively streamline your billing process, allowing you focus on your patients. 

If your condition demands and you are determined to outsource your medical billing process, then there are certain qualifications and potentiality to be met by your external vendor. Your outsourcing partner company should at least meet the following criteria to serve you better and improve your RCM:

  • Exposure in dermatology billing
  • Expert and professional billers and coders
  • Proven business performance and service quality
  • Must have comprehensive, integrated solutions as best practices which include practice management, maintaining medical EHR and inventory management systems
  • Happy clients and solid references
  • Strong leadership and management
  • Age of the company and their commitment towards rendering service

How 24/7 Medical Billing Services can improve your dermatology medical billing system?

24/7 Medical Billing Services deals with multi specialties billing and experts at handling dermatology billing for long many years now. The company understands the core problems of your medical billing system and focuses on every area, providing you scalable solutions all the time. Firstly, the team will analyse how intense is the need to increase your collections and restructure your medical billing process in that manner. 


With the increased complexity in coding requirements of dermatologists in practices, an expert like 24/7 Medical Billing Services is essential to support with outsourced medical billing services and collections. For top solutions for your dermatology medical billing woes, contact 24/7 Medical Billing Services today at +1-888-502-0537.


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