Free Credentialing for ER Providers


Nowadays not having credentials with the carriers can be a big problem. Ignoring something vital like credentialing can reduce your patient’s list along with other problems like delay in payment or meeting the clients expectation. Though the procedure is vital, it is very worrisome also for specialists like ER Providers. To free you all from the everyday worry of credentialing, we at 24/7 Medical Billing Services offer credentialing services with our latest technique and a decade long experience.

Credentialing Services
Credentialing Services

To give you a little knowledge of what exactly it means to have credentialing for ER Providers. It is a process through which physicians/ER Providers are entitled to become in-network and offer services in return of payment by the payer’s network. Verification Is done at the initiation to meet the carrier’s standard. License, experience, training, education, malpractice, clinical judgments and like formalities are completed and reviewed thoroughly.

You must be wondering why you need such administrative services when you are very well versed in your field. Because you don’t want to sit idle after 2-3 months of practice or don’t want fees for your services to get stuck in the payer’s account. Even if you are competent in your services, our finances can suffer due to delay or refusal by the insurance company. Since now everyone gives card payments for their healthcare treatment, it would boost your business as well to be part of their network. You never know from where your revenues can come.

We at 24/7 Medical Billing Services provide credentialing services to all ER Providers. After joining hands with us you won’t have to ever worry about it in future. Contracts and credentials are updated on a timely basis without disturbing your routine healthcare work.

After you are being given the ‘welcome letter’, you work in collaboration with insurance providers. You will be in the priority list of patients in contrast to unregistered healthcare providers. Additional benefit of reimbursement will also attract patients to your door.


Take a peek at some of our meticulous services during this period.

  • Advance data collection for you to analyze and strategist for the future.
  • To not let you come under any negative reporting penalties with our offering of Patient Quality Reporting System. We also make sure to get paid full for your services and on time
  • We make sure for you to collaborate with well-known insurers, to uptrend your revenues.
  • Since changes are done in the Affordable Care Act (ACA), to make you get adaptable with the changes without any hiccup is also our responsibility.


Still have doubts over how to go ahead with Credentialing, then visit our website 24/7 Medical Billing Services and get full details of our experience and methods.

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