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No practice can run successfully without complexity, and when it comes to gastroenterology practices, it is even bigger. Many practices lose focus on their financial stability by turning their complete vision towards patient care. But any medical practice becomes successful only if it grows even financially strong, otherwise it may end up in failure.

To generate revenue along with focusing on patient care, gastroenterology practices look to outsource their billing services to a third-party medical billing company. Third-party medical billing service providers streamline your practice’s revenue cycle management and make sure you have consistent revenue flow. But finding the best partner to handle your medical billing process is quite difficult and it involves certain evaluation procedures.

Prior to getting into the core topic, let us look at the benefits of partnering with a third-party RCM vendor. Finding a trusted gastroenterology medical billing company is a huge task but if you get someone, these are the benefits that the company can offer you:

Operational benefits

Higher financial visibility

Through working with billing experts of your external RCM vendor, you get thorough knowledge and understanding of the revenue cycle and improve the RCM of your gastroenterology practice.


Third-party medical billing companies follow HIPAA compliance and secure medical billing processes in their system. It ensures data confidentiality of your patients extensively.

Regulatory compliance

An experienced external RCM vendor stays up-to-date with the current rules and regulations of medical billing process, helping your practice keeping up with constantly changing conditions.

Financial benefits

Your external RCM vendor is highly capable of reducing internal overhead and uses the complete experience of gastroenterology medical billing and coding specialists to receive what you are supposed to get and improves the efficiency of your practice.

Your RCM vendor company can help you in saving huge time and upfront costs associated with your in-house operations, which results in achieving high profitability of claims.

Outsourcing your gastroenterology medical billing allows you shift your capital investment to an operating expense and do it vice-versa.

How to evaluate the best gastroenterology billing company for your practice?

Your third-party medical billing company should have a dedicated team of billing specialists to track and manage your claims from end-to-end and get your reimbursements on time.

The company should have a real-time practice management platform with latest tools and features to streamline your billing, collections, and payment processes throughout.

It should have a record of submitting claims on-time and receiving at least 99% of claims reimbursements. It should have denials experts to handle rejection/denials of claims and enable effective communication with the payer.

All the above, your external RCM vendor company should provide you real-time reports that offer visibility and transparency into the performance of your gastroenterology billing system.

There are a bunch of questions you should ask your external RCM vendor company before you outsource your gastroenterology medical billing to them.

  • What services do they offer and do they cover end-to-end RCM issues?
  • What is their pricing model and will there be any rise in the future?
  • What kind of customer support do they offer?
  • Will there be any need to upgrade your technology if working with them?
  • What approach do they follow currently for handling claims and submissions?
  • How the company can handle denied, rejected, and unpaid claims?
  • How do they maintain confidentiality of patients’ data?
  • How good is their team in staying in line to current trends in gastro billing?
  • What strategies do they have for bringing high revenue flow to your practice?

Ask them as many questions you can and see whether it is worth investing in a particular RCM vendor company.


If you are able to find a company that meets the aforementioned criteria and builds the required trust with you, you can keep away from worrying about your gastroenterology practice’s revenue. If you are looking to outsource your gastroenterology medical billing process to a top and best third-party billing service provider, contact 24/7 Medical Billing Services at +1-888-502-0537 or visit their website

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