Growing Need For Physician Work/Life Balance

Believe it or not but physician dissatisfaction and burnout rates are at an all time high in the USA. With most healthcare providers working at least 40-60 hours on a weekly basis, it seems that a career in medicine is not compatible with the concept of work-life balance. Problems like depression, dissatisfaction and burnout have become quite common in physicians. Especially female physicians are reporting work-life balance as an important concern.

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For many doctors, working less isn’t the solution they are looking for. Whereas according to some, preventing professional challenges from seeping into their non-work hours can really help. So it is clear that not every model works for all doctors.

Here are a few things that providers need to do in order to priorities balance in their work and personal lives:

If possible, physicians need to make some time for self-care because wellness needs to be a priority for providers.

They need to realize that working non-stop isn’t going to make them better at their work. It will just make them tired and grumpy. So stepping back a little to work with balance is important.

Some time needs to be taken out to cultivate relationships with family and friends, travel or maybe learn a new skill to take your mind off work.

It is very important for providers to be their own advocate and not let anyone put them into guilt for taking time off work, during sick days, maternity leave or even on a vacation.

To make things easier at the practice, well-trained staff should be hired because if the billing staff, A/R experts, front-desk staff is working fine, physicians can stop worrying about the hassles of getting paid and getting work done.

It helps to keep blocks of time aside each day for the things that need to be done. Be it paperwork, personal responsibilities, patient follow-ups and so on. This will help in easing stress because they will know when and what needs to be done.

Setting aside some time for a break is also vital because everyone needs time for refreshing and reflecting. Physicians can start with setting aside at least half an hour on a daily basis, at least two to three times a week.

By taking out time for themselves and improving the work environment, physicians can certainly ensure work-life balance.

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