How can Outsourcing Oncology Medical Billing Clear Your Stuck Claims?

Thanks to the changes in regulating the medical billing and coding procedures, medical billing sees a new string of changes. A few years back, various medical challenges had been faced by different specialties with a change in Medicare programs. Also, medical billing denials from private insurance companies were one of the significant changes that were seen. When it comes to preventing and curing cancers, oncology is a complex and long-drawn process with comprehensive treatment. Due to which oncology medical billing processes need detailed billing documentation and regular follow-up.

Besides procedural complexity, oncology medical billing tends to face a plethora of changes and compliance laws. Additionally, the payers don’t hold much knowledge about the latest technology, which decreases the reimbursements received in practice because of inadequate understanding of the process. Also, reimbursement standards aren’t in place.

Oncology is considered a multidisciplinary sector where experts need to perform surgeries to help patients recover in health and mind. It includes specialists from other medical disciplines and post-operative trauma and mental health departments. To deal with these complexities, one needs to be aware of the coders and billers who claim to provide excellent accuracy in medical billing process.

Why is outsourcing oncology medical billing a wise thing to do?

Individuals are often already dealing with health and financial hardship when they visit an oncologist. The fusion tends to mean the experts have to spend more time with all the patients. Patients tend to face a lot of potential for reimbursement challenges like under-coding or over-coding. Considering this scenario, it is often wise to opt for outsourcing oncology medical billing.

Here are few benefits of outsourcing Oncology Medical Billing:

  • A major benefit of outsourcing oncology medical billing and revenue cycle management is the compliance audits to a billing partner who understands the differences between consultation and new potential patients’ visits coded correctly along with clinical trial billing codes.
  • The codes for medical billing are updated annually, but there are also changes to regulations, government program rules, and insurer requirements that may happen all through the year. In the current economy, no one can afford to not get paid for the services they provide. However, incorporating each payer’s demands and the latest codes into your claim will result in non-payment.
  •  By its very nature, oncology is one of the more stressful fields of medicine. Physicians are frequently dealing with life-threatening diseases and complex treatments. On top of all that, rapidly changing treatment technologies mean extra work keeping up with codes, submitting claims, and negotiating reimbursement rates. These are some of the things effective oncology medical billing services can take care of for you.
  • You can have the assurance that you will get appropriate compensation. For that, claims must be submitted without errors, but must also include all the necessary details, which may not be written out, but must be included in the form of numerical modifiers defined within the medical billing codes. Providers can have claims submitted faster while reducing the risk of errors by outsourcing claims to professional oncology medical billing services.
  • Most medical billing service providers will have an account manager so that there will always be someone who is familiar with your business and who knows the status of all your claims. So you can be rest assured that they will track every claim and make sure to follow up on anything that is unpaid, regardless of whether it is for a large amount or a small one.


No doubt, oncology billing is quite challenging, but regulation and coding make it more difficult. When it comes to revenue generation, payers and competition hold first and second place as they play a crucial role. Staffing cost is one of the most common reasons why oncologists choose to start a group or hospital. Above all, the new codes have bought a lot of stress on different evaluation and improvement techniques for the bill’s coding. However, trying to keep up with all the changes can be such a time-consuming task that you may not have time to worry about the needs of your patients. Healthcare practitioners have begun to realize the benefit of outsourcing medical billing, allowing them to concentrate on their patients while increasing their revenue. Providing an oncology practice with an efficient medical billing system is one of the many services 24/7 Medical Billing Services offers. To know more about oncology medical billing services, contact us at +1-888-502-0537.

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