How Our Free Credentialing and AR Audits Benefit New Registrants?

24/7 Medical Billing Services provided a non-denying deal for the Thanksgiving month to all healthcare service providers, and registrants who grabbed this offer were assured of free credentialing and free AR audits. Many new registrants came forward to avail this offer not only for cost-saving but also for utilizing the extreme benefits of credentialing and AR audits. 

Therefore, we would like to showcase what added value our free credentialing and AR audits bring to our new registrants, and how 24/7 Medical Billing Services plan strategies to boost their revenue extensively. This can be a wakeup call to other healthcare providers to understand the crucial importance of credentialing and AR audits, and outsource their medical billing process to us, thereby allowing us to render medical billing services at high quality and provide timely support. 

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Advantages of our free credentialing services-what & why

Credentialing can look like an easy paper work, but in reality, it is more than obtaining licensing. It helps in building trust among patients on their healthcare provider. This makes sure the revenue of your practice is improved and stabilizes your operations with consistent cash flow.

  • We help our registrants improve patient trust towards their practices or physicians.
  • We prevent your practice from incurring revenue loss and provide scalable medical billing solutions.
  • Our credentialing services reduce the risk of potential medical errors and do not interrupt your revenue flow.
  • We even help you with hiring medical practitioners for your practice, since credentialing involves background verification of the physician before their joining.
  • Since the major problem occurs in insurance coverage and clarifying the same with patients, we ensure that through credentialing, those woes are addressed and provide a widened scope for multiple insurers, thereby making your practice a favorite one for patients to visit again. 
  • With patients now researching the Internet for the best healthcare providers; therefore, one of the important steps we take to improve your healthcare reputation is through credentialing. 
  • Any practice would want to cut down cost on their operations with applying effective strategies in their medical billing. To support this, we enable electronic credentialing that allows your practice to transform completely into cloud-based computing solution from paper work.
  • Moreover, if your practitioners are properly credentialed, your practice can have tie-ups with many insurers, allowing multiple insurance coverage which results in increased third-party reimbursements.

How we analyze your accounts receivables through effective audits?

With our versatile experience in conducting audits for accounts receivables of many healthcare providers, we found four prominent risk areas:

  • Inaccurate contractual allowances and in other terms called as poor reserving methodologies. Your systems and procedures in place show sufficient contractual allowances but the numbers your data show may vary from the former. Therefore, we make sure that your organization has a reliable system and process in place to calculate and reconcile your contractual allowances.
  • We maintain updated information to ensure all standards are followed as per the constantly changing codes and rules.
  • We also look in detail the following things and perform an end-to-end analysis of your accounts receivables:
    • Are contractual booked at the time of billing?
    • Does regular AR and revenue true-ups performed to adjust the differences between the originally booked contractual amounts and actual collections received?
    • Whether AR subledger balances are reconciled to ascertain all AR balances are added in contractual calculations?
  • We completely turn any inadequate processes streamlined with our continuous effort in identifying AR gaps and filling it immediately.
  • We maintain standardization and ensure your medical billing process is updated with necessary changes. We analyze whether there are any changes created by HDHPS, chargemaster, commercial and governmental payer changes, fluctuations in quality payments, significant historical write-offs, payer/reimbursement backlogs and increased denials, etc. 


Therefore, our free credentialing and AR audits offer huge benefits to our new registrants, and whatever you lost during the COVID-19, we will rejuvenate with implementing effective outsourcing strategies and help you generate revenue and gain more than what you have lost. 

If you are not our registrant but now that you understand the benefits of credentialing and AR audits and how extraordinarily we do it at 24/7 Medical Billing Services, you can anytime give us a call at +1-888-502-0537 and enroll with us for the best price we can do for you.

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