In House Medical Billing

It is the process in which the doctors of a hospital allocate a separate team of professionals for medical billing. This crew takes care of all the billing as well as coding needs of the this kind of a case the medical billers will take care of medical billing as well as medical coding. The same team will also take care of billing follow up.  In this kind of situation what happens is that the work pressure will be very high for the medical billing team. So it obviously affects the work of the team.

Now let’s first discuss about the disadvantages of in-house medical billing.

  1. Reduced efficiency and efficacy in in-house billing

The in-house billing team will lose its efficiency once the team leader goes out for a patient billing follow up or if he is in a meeting. The absence of the team leader will increase stress and it will also reduce the work efficiency. Once a biller or a coder comes to know that the team leader is not there then he will get that laziness going up and interest on work going down. So this obviously affects the person performing the next process and it will reduce the overall efficacy of the team.

  1. High costs and training needs.

The in-house billing team should have at least members inclusive of a biller , a coder, a couple followup guys and a team leader form guidance and better understanding. In that case you have pay the team a minimum of 15000 dollars per month. But if you go for a billing company it costs just 15-25 dollars an hour with more experience as well.

If you need someone to do in-house billing you need to hire them with a human resource person and you have to train them and you have to ensure they have to work with a better efficiency of atleast 90-95% with very less error percentage this all will lead you to high costs and high training needs as well. Even if a particular person is not there the whole process gets effected. Which gives you a very huge amount of loss?

Now we shall discuss about the advantages of out sourcing your medical billing.

  1. Reduced costs

If you are outsourcing to medical company such as 24/7 medical billing services they offer you a barely minimal costs and they offer you a excellent service.

  1. High reliability

A company like 24/7 medical billing services offers you a high reliability on services provided by them because they are more experienced and they can offer you more expertise to you also.

  1. Time

The time required for an experienced billing team to take of your billing needs is just a few hours but your in-experienced in-house billing team will take more time to process which will obviously more number of hours with more costs and less profit.


So based on the above discussion we are clearly able to know that in-house billing provides you more dis advantage and less benefits. Go for a medical billing company such as 24/7 medical billing services and reduce the cost.

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