MACRA WEBINAR: The Final Guide to Success in 2017 & Beyond

The medical industry keeps on growing with a proper increment but the new MACRA concept has shaken the industry since it is a new system. The difficult part is that it must be implemented in 6 lakh medical clinics for getting right payment. When anything is implemented for the first time there are lots of challenges. Let us see what the MACRA has got to do with the upcoming medical industry and payment structure.

What is MACRA?

Before getting deep into topic, let us see what MACRA is. It is an abbreviation for Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act which was performed in 2015. The MACRA has been implemented just to replace the current medical part B of reimbursement system. Since people are used to the old system of B switching to a new one takes lots of time.

What is the change?

The change which MACRA has got is that it has changed the complete payment system and reimbursement system. The Quality Payment Program which is in short form termed as QPP for physicians as well as the medical industry has been changed by a budding system. This has replaced the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula which calculates the income of the medical industry.

When the right income is calculated only, there are good chances for increment and payment system for physicians and insurance companies. When the system has changed a bit then chances for little errors can happen.


Since it changes the payment system of doctors, it is getting collaborated with MIPS by ONC certification which has the power to access the data which is electrically stored inside the payment system. With the help of single application called MACRA, people can use all systems like MIPS, CPC+ and other payment system.

Tracking becomes easy

Since the MACRA is become the alpha power at present years, any authorized person can track what you are doing at work and how the reimbursements pays you in better ways. Even the feedbacks of patients for 4 way based MIPS can be viewed with the help of implementation of MACRA in recent days. At the onset of this system, we can clearly see that the medical industry is moving towards getting a higher increase in quality. The standards of the medical industry will rise with the help of these new techniques.

Only quality services

After complete installation of MACRA, there can be only high quality of service even in the small clinic in country. Since everything is inter-connected the physicians cannot just leave the patients because they are the deciders of fixing their increments. The medical care industry is focusing on providing a class service to save people at short time. The medical industry will become more and more advanced with such kinds of implements which will help in treating patients better. It is compulsory for all the medical industries to implement this rule within their medical industry to getforward in technical side.

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