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Staying on top of claims statuses is one of the most time consuming tasks for any medical practice. If providers want to prevent small issues from turning into denials, then they need to monitor claims proactively. Even though it takes at least 5 to 12 minutes per claim for checking the status manually, this time can add up real fast. At times, your staff will spend all these minutes only to find that the claim in question doesn’t even a status yet.

So if you don’t want your Revenue Cycle Management staff to waste precious time checking on claims, then invest in an effective solution for insurance eligibility and claims status verification. For instance, 24/7 Medical Billing Services has recently come up with officeHub, a real-time, automated solution that will help your staff speed up the claims status process and get you paid faster.

Medical Claims
Medical Claims

Since this solution will save time, your billing staff will be able to eliminate denials and get timely payments. Some of the features of OfficeHub includes:

  • Ease of checking up to 50,000 claims on a daily basis with BCBS and Commercial insurances.
  • Single and simple login gateway to more than 160 insurances.
  • Quick and detailed information on status and eligibility of claims and easy bulk uploading of at least 500 patients per batch.

By investing in an automated and technology-driven approach, medical practices can ensure that their resources are being put to good use, i.e, getting paid faster. It will help their staff work only on claims that have been identified as having issues.

As time spent on the telephone to follow up claims is one of the largest resource drain in billing offices, an automated solution has become a necessity. Automation will not only free up the time billers have and reduce their frustration but it will also enable them to focus better on claims that need their attention.

To run a successful medical practice, it is important to ensure that your Medical  Billing staff is able drive more efficiency and improve financial performance. This can be made possible only when claims status engine is effective and customised for meeting the A/R as well as operational workflow needs of your practice. This call for a strong need to incorporate intelligent automated tools such as OfficeHub that will help make your billing staff more efficient and bring in more revenue to your practice.

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