How Has 24/7 Medical Billing Services Benefited Practices Based Out of Ohio?

24/7 Medical Billing Services has been offering top-notch medical billing services to various practices based out of Ohio, proposing them solutions to overcome revenue challenges. Recently, we were hired by a cardiology practice in Ohio that was facing issues with their medical billing.

Here were some of the challenges that were impacting their revenue cycle:

Issues Mentioned by the Client:

  • Medical billing services was not being completed within the set deadline.
  • There were challenges with in-house billing due to limited resources and lack of expert coders.
  • Lot of Denied Claims.
  • Collections reduced to a great extent.

Our Analysis:

The client’s existing team of billers had an error rate of 4% and our team had to work within an error rate of 2%. We also found out that insurance verification being done in-house was not detailed enough. Staff was not collecting vital data from the patient and coding was not being done as per the insurance billing guidelines. Another issue was that the practice was performing insurance claims’ filing through paper submission rather than doing it electronically.


We adopted a strategy for resolving the critical issues and assigned a team for handling their medical billing and RCM. This team consisted of billers and coders and staff for insurance verification, denials and A/R.

Our client’s front desk staff was handling the entry of patient demographics and insurance data in the practice management software. The scanned super bills and other documents to our software on a daily basis which was then downloaded by our team from the FTP and the charts were coded accurately within 24 hours from the time the super-bills were received.

If there was any data missing from the bills, our staff was alerting the client’s office on the same day and collecting the data to resolve the same within 48 hours.

Our team did a 100% audit on all the charges that were entered and filed claims electronically for quick processing.

We had dedicated staff working on claim rejections as well with quick follow-up. They even investigated the rejected claims and resubmitted them on the same day for processing.

Our team also handled denials and sent daily payment posting reports to the client. We had our A/R analyst team working on A/R outstanding claims and sent detailed A/R report to the client every month.

We worked closely on their billing process and improved their collections by 20-30% within a year. Our team is currently working with the client, helping them achieve maximum collections and they are quite satisfied with the results.

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