What Could Medicare Changes Mean for Physicians?

Physicians are the greatest assets for living a happy and healthy life. Such physicians are given with moderate to maximum amounts of money based on the services they do. Currently replacement in laws have made little different and gives them a bit of profit. Let us see what are benefits and profits of new Health Care Act.

Doctors are paid only based on bills which patient’s produce. They are given money only for tests and for treating patients. But they are mostly spending the time to talk and comfort the patient as a service, since they spend lot time in taking care of patient’s needs it needs some amount to be paid for those types of care. For this reason government has released two types of systems which will include the payment details covering all types of services. The two types of systems are

Merit-based Incentive Payment System

This system is called as MIPS in short form between the physicians. It has got four important divisions in it which professionally speaks about the treatments and procedure performed by doctor. The 4 factors are

  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Modern medicine
  • Care coordination


The cost of the bills and treatments will come under this category. The bills should be properly submitted to get the complete effective cost for treatments.


The quality of treatments speaks better in this criterion, the patients will be asked to analyze the quality of doctor’s treatment without any secrecy.

Modern medicine

The payment will be high based on the doctor’s usage of modern equipment’s and modern medicine provided for patients.

Care coordination

This part only will speak about the good qualities of a physician. The time taken to interact with the patient and everything regarding patient’s medical history and counseling will come under these points.

The patients will be asked to mark points for each service which are provided by the doctor. Based on the marks, MIPS will be paid high or low. It is completely about taking care of the patient in all possible ways without any issues.

The second system is

Advanced Alternative Payment Models

This is called as AAPM or APMs based on medical care convenience. This model concentrates on higher payments rather than initial model. By adapting this model there are more chances for physician to get paid in higher amounts.

New plans

The new plans have changed the complete scenario of the old systems. The new plans suggests the doctors to stick on with MIPS to earn 0.5% increment per year and this law is in act from May 2017 which is being currently followed by all physicians. This creates gradual increment from 4% to 9% up to 2022. The new plans are provides more amount for physicians who work in out of hours and take more care of patients. Every increment or decrement is purely based on the marks which are given by the patients who are treated by the physicians. Patients who are regular will allot marks or suggestions about physician’s treatment.

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