Minor Billing and Notes Updates

A pious soul who is ready to do us service any time is a doctor. Such doctors too have families and friends to take care of. Their work just to treat the patients all other stuffs like billing and claiming insurance can be submitted to various teams in order to make an increasing progress in medical industry. Such billing services provide a major support which brings lot of revenue for the development in more medical facilities.

Medical billing

Medical billing is more developing by launching more advance stages at current phase. The new features in billing area make the biller and the patient to understand the terms of billing in more convenient way. The features are given below

Updated codes

For every disease a code will be generated which is easy for the computer to understand in its own language. That code allocates the value of amount which has to be provided for the patient. In this code many improvements are made for getting the fastest claim from the insurance provider companies.

These codes can be accessed with much speed and flexibility which is far apart from earlier codes.

New filters

In older version only some filter options was available now these filters are updated and they have been given many options to get a pure filtered report as PDF or Crystal reports accordingly.

Transaction updates

The drop down boxes is the ones with limited options to undergo. But the new feature has given some improvement which changed

  • Refund as Patient Refund
  • Direct payment as Direct from Patient
  • Insurance as Payer

These are the newest features that have been updated in billing section for getting more clarification.

Updates in notes

The notes are the easiest way to recollect information which is scheduled for the particular day. In every computerized workplace there will be note which shows what the works are for the day. But what is the use of idle note which stays in background? Such notes are converted into reminders in notes section which are specified below


The reminders are short notices. Incase if the reminder shows the full name of patient and other details in a messy manner then there is no use of such reminder. That’s why reminder has been developed with epithets of patients which can make an easy reference to the viewer.

The reminder will contain the name details and time of appointment and for what disease that he or she is getting treated. To know more you have to fetch information from the file which is stored under the patient’s name and address.

Characters Expanded

In previous built of reminders there was only 2000 characters and now that has been improved to 4000 characters which can support all the hint information of a patient.

To-Do list

This is one of the most helping hand features. It is added with new treatment plans and updating the old ones.

These are the new features which have been added in medical billing to enhance the billing services and have clear cut information with insurance service provider. So your medical concern can also update these features and get advanced.

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