Most Common Check list While Choosing a Medical Billing Service

It’s an exhaustive and difficult decision to choose a medical billing and coding company. There is no secret that to achieve success in this field, an agency needs to know how an error free claim is filed, the vital acronyms at the back of their hand, and the team should have been on top of their game as far as ICD–10 is in discussion to save time by exactly understanding what to look for in a payer contract.

You need to have clear, complete, and precise medical paperwork to offer ultimate quality medical care to the patients. Proper documentation is also necessary to get timely and accurate payment for the services provided.

One of the biggest benefits of having a brief list of choosing a medical billing agency or rather the things to look for in medical billing is to understand the accordance to which the medical services are provided. Moreover, it will maximize your revenue and help in improving the paperwork to eliminate audit risks.

Here are a few things that a you should consider:

  • Filing a clean error free claim

Your cheat sheet should include steps about filing a clean error free claim. An ideal clean medical claim includes no mistakes and is processed with no additional information from the provider or third party.

The claim should comprise of a procedure code together with a supporting diagnosis code, this will eliminate any doubts on medical necessity and the claim should not have any old or deleted codes. One of the most important steps here is that the claim should have all the necessary information; which includes a patient name, address, date of birth, etc; in the proper fields. Finally, the most important part is the claim should be submitted on time.

  • Important Billing and Coding Acronyms

Using acronyms and abbreviations in medical billing and coding is more than common. In fact, this is extremely used in medical records to save time. Every practitioner will keep his acronyms handy which are related to his specialty but there are a few common abbreviations that are used by all; namely; CMS, EDI, EOB, HIPAA, HMO, POS, WC, and a few more.

  • Vetting Payer Contracts

Payers provide various coverage to their members, billers and coders need to be able to read the contracts and acquire the necessary information which will be needed to follow up on the claims. Usually, payers have standard contracts that they offer.

Well, now you know the cheat sheet for successful medical billing. Here are 3 different types of billing companies you might come across.

Choosing a medical billing company for your outsourcing requirements can be a tough one if you don’t weigh in your project size and complications. There are three types of medical billing companies you should know while choosing.

Small Scale Medical Billing Agencies

If you are tight on the budget and have lesser data, a home-based medical billing company can help you with coding/billing tasks without burning the wallet. The only thing is to make sure that they have sufficient experience in healthcare billing.

Professional Medical Billing Business

If you have a slightly bigger budget and want value addition to your practice, go for a professional medical billing service provider. The services they provide are slightly more effective than small scale medical billing companies.

Physician Practice Management Company

Most companies coming across this category are bigger enterprises with more than 200 people onboard and well-equipped infrastructure. They might charge you a premium for the coding and billing services which may extend to thousands of dollars.

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