Most common ICD 10 Codes for Telemedicine Service Providers


A business needs to adapt itself as per the changes in the environment. In this highly competitive world, hospital, doctors, and medical service providers need to consider smart and well-developed telehealth strategies.

The world is facing a pandemic and there is a huge downfall in the economy because of this. The doctor and the medical service providers are struggling a lot for the delivery of medicines and services. So, thinking whether telemedicine fits into your practice isn’t an option now. It has become important to adopt it.


Telehealth includes everything from managing complex and high-risk situations to providing high quality convenience care, effectively and efficiently.

Telemedicine is used for monitoring people in the rural and urban areas who are suffering from chronic illness. The standard of the telemedicine is the same as in person treatment. It is also safe and effective for the patients and is intended to be inexpensive and convenient. It is not a new concept. Many specialists and medical service providers have already adopted and implemented in their medical practices.

Why to choose telemedicine?

  • Physical presence is not needed. A patient can receive the treatment even if he is not there where the doctor is located.
  • It is cost effective.
  • It helps in saving a lot of time and the patient can get treatment on an immediate basis.
  • There is no compromise in terms of the quality and standards, it is just the same as the in-person treatment.
  • It is one of the safest and effective methods for the treatment of patients.

Telemedicine specific billing code: 

Code 99444 – The code used for online evaluation and management services. It helps in telling the payer that the consultation has happened online and there aren’t much details about the treatment and all. This in turns helps the healthcare providers and insurance companies to keep a record.

E&M Code and GT Modifier:

Code 99201-99215 – This is a 15-20 minutes’ outpatient office visit for either new or already established patients.

The GT Modifier helps in keeping a track and lets them know that the visit has taken place virtually on this telemedicine platform. This in turns helps in keeping and maintaining a record.

Apart from that there are various other codes that are used to offer the telemedicine services to the patients.

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