Outsourcing DME Billing Services – Pros & Cons

Many health practices believe that outsourcing can help improve their revenue up to 30% more by showing a 95% increase in clean-claim settlement. The durable medical equipment billing industry is undergoing perennial renovation with frequently changing regulatory compliances. This makes it difficult for these practices to stay in line with the current changes in the DME billing landscape.

When we did intensive research about medical practices following outsourcing as a tradition, we found many reasons as influencing factors, and to name a few, shrinking collections, DME billing errors, cost of training new hires for DME billing functions, and suspended operations due to the absence of staffs. Through this blog we would like to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing DME billing services for your practice.

How DME billing outsourcing is a boon to your practice?

# High Control over Your Business

Many people tend to misunderstand that by outsourcing their DME billing, they may lose control over their operations and business, which is not correct. In fact, by outsourcing DME medical billing services, you get better control over your medical billing processes and manage your revenue, with trained and dedicated DME billing outsourced staff. This not only enhances your operational benefits but also continues withholding those benefits for the long run.

# Improved Revenues

Generally, employing resources for medical billing in-house can be quite costly. Outsourcing DME billing breaks this rule with highly efficient and skilled staff available all the time, dedicatedly, to handle your medical billing process extensively, thereby improving the revenue of your DME business considerably more than what you make at present.

# Better Customer Service

Claims follow-ups are crucial for DME billing. Your patients may call you to discuss their medical billing procedure and other aspects of claiming for DME billing, which you may not be able to provide in your regular operations. It requires special attention and it is where you need exceptional customer service to respond to your patients on behalf, which is effectively and continuously done by outsourced staff.

# Changing Regulations

You can never expect the rules and regulations of medical coding and billing to remain the same forever. It keeps changing constantly, and you always should be on top of updating your knowledge with it on a regular touchwood. But DME billing may not give you that time to update and follow these changing regulations. Therefore, this can be overcome by outsourcing your DME billing where your outsourced staffs update the recent changes to be followed, in your EHR software.

# Increased focus on patients

DME billing outsourcing gives you sufficient time to spend time with your patients and know more about their concerns, helping you retain them for a long-term relationship.

Cons of DME Billing Outsourcing

Since medical billing outsourcing has been followed as a trend in the emerging healthcare industry, it brings in more of positivity rather than making it tougher. Sometimes, you may find it costly with DME billing because of the complexities involved, but if you look at the output in the end, you may not find such a great option other than outsourcing.


Every coin has two sides; similarly, it is applicable for DME billing outsourcing as well. More than disadvantages, outsourcing DME billing get you huge benefits. All you need is the best strategically planned and highly experienced DME billing outsourcing company that shows you opportunities in shortcuts. 24/7 Medical Billing Services is a leading medical billing services company that has more than 15 years of versatility in dealing with DME billing and offers outsourcing advice to DME companies that struggle generating consistent revenue.

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